Rosa-Branca Esteves                                     

PhD in Economics
Oxford University (2005), Supervisor: Mark Armstrong .

Associate ProfessorDepartment of Economics , Universidade do Minho

Director of the Master course in Economics

Universidade do Minho.

Member of the Economic Policies Research Unit (NIPE). 

Research interests: Competitive Price Discrimination, Advertising, Digital and Telecommunications Markets, Competition and Consumer Policy.

Personal Information: Reside in Braga, Married to Francisco Carballo-Cruz, Two children: Diego (July, 2005), David (January, 2011) 

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  • Price Discrimination under Customer Recognition and Mergers , (with Helder Vasconcelos), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (forthcoming).  Online Appendix: N Firm_Extension

  • Pricing with Customer Recognition, International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol 28 (6), November 2010, 669-681.

Submitted Papers:

  • Competitive Targeted Advertising and Price Discrimination, (co-author Joana Resende),R&R at Marketing Science.
  • Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination with Retention Offers, R&R at Information Economics and Policy.
  • Behaviour Based Price Discrimination under Advertising and Imperfectly Informed Consumers.

In progress:

    • Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination in Multiproduct Markets (with Andrew Rhodes and Carlo Regianni)
    • A Survey on the Economics of Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination”.
    • Competitive Targeted Advertising and Price Discrimination (with Joana Resende)
    • Price Competition with Retention Strategies (with Patrick Rey)
    • Airport Competition in a Spacial Network (with Francisco Carballo)
    • Screening Price Coordination in the Portuguese Fuel Market (with Miguel Portela)
    • Competitive Targeted Advertising and poaching in product differentiated markets (with Sofia Cerqueira)
    • Competitive Price Discrimination and Strategic Incentives to Collude
    • Price Discrimination with Incomplete Information about the Rival's Costs.

                    Financed Research Projects:


                    Title: Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination in Multiproduct Markets

                    • Researchers: Rosa Branca Esteves (Principal Investigator), Andrew Rodhes (Toulouse University) and Carlo Reggiani (Manchester University)
                    • Consultant: Prof. Mark Armstrong 
                    • Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT),  14680 euros (Ref: EXP/IIM-ECO/1615/2013)
                    • Duration: 1 year (2014-03-01 a 2015-03-01)


                    Title: New Insights on the Economics of Customer Recognition and Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination

                    Title: Competition and Consumer Policy Issues in Media Markets

                    Referee for: 

                    European Economic Review, Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Economic Journal, Information Economics and Policy, Portuguese Economic Journal.


                    • Advanced Microeconomics (PhD)
                    • Advanced Industrial Economics (PhD)
                    • Competition Policy (Master)
                    • Games and Strategic Behaviour (Undergraduate)
                    • Information, Markets and Strategies (Master)

                    • Email:
                    • Tel: + 351 253601932
                    • Fax: +351253676375
                    • Mail address: Department of Economics, University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, 4710 Braga, Portugal