Rogue's Gallery

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A little tongue in cheek, perhaps!
A couple of Old Hens
BAF  Tree Hugger
No!! I said Tree Hugger

Just Good Friends ?
Corvette Mike and 'New Bike' Pat
Would you want this Guy as Your Pilot?
Get a shave Tony 
'Heap Big Chief' Bernie
'UF'  Michael
Not FU Michael
The Early Days and the Origins
of the Flatlanders
Scott Cain
A quick trip across the Country 2008

Colombian Cartel Ring Leader
BAF Angela Tony and Tree Hugger
Bart Man
Gone but not Forgotten
International Buddies
Canadian Dave and English Mark
Matt, Tony, Eric, Crash Alex and Mark
The Pretty Boys
Fancy doing this again, Matt?
You've gotta be joking - aren't you?
Vermont Jim
August 2008
Turkish Cyclists in National Costume?
British Maybe? Go Figure!!