Esterhazy Cross Country Ski Club

Our Club:

Esterhazy Cross Country Ski Club (Click here to open a map of where you can find us) is a member of CrossCountry Canada, its division Cross Country Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Ski Association. As such, our membership benefits from this association in a number of ways, some of which are liability insurance, map grants, newsletters, education & development. Check out Cross Country Saskatchewan or Cross Country Canada website for more information.

Our club is a volunteer-run organization that continues to improve each year. We are a group who is excited to share our love of fresh air, exercise & beauty of the outdoors. Thank you to all those individuals who help clear and groom our 14 km of classic and 6 km of skate-ski trails, maintain equipment, clean and stock the ski hut, keep wood supplied for outside fires and our wood stove inside of the ski chalet, wax skis and any other jobs that are required to keep our club running.

In 2018 the Esterhazy Cross-country Ski Club has partnered with the East Qu'Appelle Cartel Mountain Bike Club to introduce groomed trails for winter fat-biking. Fat bike users are required to sign-up as ski club members as well as pay an additional Fat Biking fee of $30.00. There is also groomed trails for snowshoeing.

If you need to access the ski hut or need any help, the executive will gladly answer any questions; we ask that you help by keeping the area clean, helping to replenish wood supply, respecting the equipment and facilities and being responsible for your own safety. As a member, your assistance with the many events and participation in a fundraiser would be greatly appreciated. Being involved as an executive member gives one a renewed understanding of the commitment of our club. New members are always welcome; so come out and join the club!

Ski Chalet:

Our ski chalet sits on the east side of the landfill site access road (see map), but is not visible from the road. The town maintains clearing of snow in this area. The clubhouse has a wood stove, plenty of wood, a fire pit, porta-potti and seating areas inside and out of the hut. Some ski equipment is available for use.

The chalet saw a bit of an interior overhaul this summer, necessitated by a floor issue. Thanks to a strong volunteer response, the repair was completed and ventilation was added to the area under our floor to extend the life of our chalet.

The many outbuildings of the club have also seen major work over the last year. Special thanks to dedicated members and some community people who pitched in to help. You will love the new look of the buildings!


Via email postings and our event calendar on this webpage, all members are invited to attend various events throughout the season which include moonlight skis, wax clinics, family fun days, ski tournaments, loppets and competitions.

There is an assortment of skis, boots, poles at the ski chalet available for your use.

Donations are welcome from non-members!