About Mentoring

Where :
J.W. "Jim" Estelle Unit 264 FM 3478 , Huntsville , Texas 77320-3320
When :
Every 4th Sunday of Every Month for about 2 Hours , From 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Transportation :
Carpooling is available for most areas.

Information :
If Needed personal will be provided tol travel to your location , teach , train, show videos , power point illustrations provide material , speak , visit your Sunday schools and come to your churches .

Personal if needed will provide all Training, Materials your  Unit Coordinator will assist you or provide personal to help you through every step of the way to assure you have all the training and everything you need to be a successful Mentor all you need to have is a willing heart and spare a few hours once a Month.

Mentoring :
Is a one-on-one relationship with a Christian "brother in white"  at the J.W. Estelle Unit. The purpose is to help prepare offenders for their eventual release. Most of the men in the program are within 18 Months to 2 years of their parole hearing for release. Our focus is on faith , family , and vocation . We help the inmate determine: (a) where to live , (b) how to financially support themselves, and (c) where they should worship and become active in a Christian Community . Most inmates want an opportunity to make a new life and be productive and to give back .

Qualifications :
Your availability , not your ability . Able to listen and care.
3 to 4 hours of security Training provided . no money involved . 21 Years or Older.
Ex-Offenders are more than welcome after an approval process.

You can Try Mentoring First with no obligations for more information Contact the Estelle Mentor Program Coordinator
Or the Unit Chaplain.

Contact :

Estelle Interim Mentor Program Coordinator :
Doug Wrentz


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