Foreword - Japanese woodblock prints

This website is to showcase Serge Astieres’ personal japanese woodblock prints collection.

The purpose is to create a website in French, illustrating the beauty of woodblock prints, their techniques and to provide some background information on this aspect of Japanese culture. (Note: These prints are not for sale).
The Shin-hanga part of the collection is now a dedicated bilingual English-French website:

This is work in progress. The prints have been classified following the main periods of Japanese history. You can access information on a specific print by clicking its title, when the link exists. Do not click on the picture, but on the title. Some pages are still under construction……

I would like to share my passion for the Japanese prints, the artists, the history, the techniques and tools. It is impossible in a website to impart the 3-D effect of a Japanese print or other special effects like the subtle shine of a mica layer, but I hope this website will inspire you to enquire further, possibly starting your own collection.

Most of the site has been adapted to French from various websites in English, Japanese or German, from numerous sources. I would like to acknowledge and thank David Bull ( for his support, advice and for letting me use a lot of his material. I would recommed a visit to his site if you want to learn more, and certainly a subscription to one of his series…..

My own passion started first with the Belgian and French comics (Bandes dessinées) in the 1960’s and evolving with the changes that this media went through, i.e. from targetting a young public to a more mature audience. Then I opened my eyes to other cultures and art forms and had the opportunity to join a Japanese class. Upon one of my first trip to Japan, I fell in love with a triptyque from Hiroshige, a nice reproduction from Adachi and this was the starting point of my passion and collection. I am now concentrating on 20th century (Shin Hanga) and contemporary works and will enrich this site in line with my finds……

I would be pleased to hear from you at