We are a network of sociologists who have left, or expect to leave, our primary jobs but want to continue our sociological lives. While some of us are fully retired as sociologists, many of us are sociologists who are, or expect to become, "semi-retired” — retired from our primary employment, but not necessarily retired professionally. We are interested both in how individuals create retirements for themselves and also in institutional policies that enhance or constrain their retirement choices. 

Our special focus is on opportunities for doing sociology in this chapter of our lives; however, all those interested in any aspect of retirement are welcome.

About ESSORN's Presence at the February 2015 ESS Meetings in New York

https://reservations.millenniumhotels.com/ibe/details.aspx?propertyid=13507&nights=1&checkin=02/25/2015&group=022515ESSS              http://www.essnet.org/?page_id=47

2015  Annual Meeting          February 26 - March 1, 2015

Millennium Broadway Hotel,  145 West 44th Street,  New York, NY 10036

In the Heart of Times Square & the Broadway Theater District          

2015 ESSORN SESSION      Friday, February 27th      10:15am - 11:45am

ESSORN's Program / Discussion Leaders:   Susan Prager, Brooklyn College, (Retired); Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, Boston College (Retired); and Natalie Sokoloff, John Jay College (Retired)

Program Description: 

  • Discussion of issues which those contemplating retirement or who have retired are facing and what services they would like from the ESS.
  • Discussion of the 2014 meeting of the newly established ASA-ORN (Opportunities in Retirement Network) during the ASA's Annual Meeting in San Francisco and the ASA-ORN's participation in the upcoming 2015 ASA Annual Meeting in Chicago [See information on ASA-ORN posted lower on this page.] 
  • A report on the on-going 3-year research project on retirement being conducted by Susan Prager

Research on Retirement (Follow the Links)

Other related research on retirement includes:

The Opportunities in Retirement Network (ORN) and the ASA

Hi Colleagues,

The committee that developed the proposal for a formal "Opportunities in Retirement Network" within ASA is happy to report that our proposal was unanimously approved at the ASA Council meeting on March 1-2, 2014.  The approval included a few modifications (mostly involving funding) of initiatives in the proposal but did support proposed initiatives, as follows:

  1. Council approved a regular paper session at each ASA annual meeting, beginning with the 2015 Annual Meeting in Chicago.
  2. Council also approved one evening event and a workshop at each annual meeting, beginning in 2015.
  3. Visit the new ASA-ORN Web Pages to read all the great details.

The proposal also included a semi-annual newsletter and an open listserv to promote interaction among members and the election of a governing committee. 

A special thank you to Karen Gray Edwards of the ASA staff, who has been a great resource in helping to shepherd our proposal to this point.

ASA-ORN Convening Committee:  Jon Darling, Roz Darling, and Peter Stein

The Background for the ASA-ORN

Following our meeting during the August ASA program in New York, Peter Stein, Rosalyn Darling, and Jon Darling met on October 22 at the ASA offices in Washington with Sally Hillsman, Janet Astner, Karen Edwards, Craig Schaar, Roberta Spalter-Roth, Margaret Vitullo to discuss ways to support networking among retired sociologists.  The meeting was long and very productive, and the staff was gracious and completely supportive.  Among other matters, we discussed various ways in which ASA could support retired members and the best format for such a new group.  We decided that a forum called the Opportunities in Retirement Network would be the best format.  

The results of all the planning are detailed on the ASA-ORN web pages.  We welcome suggestions and ideas from colleagues. Share your comments and suggestions here.

If you would like to add your name to the new ASA ORN listserv list, please use the CONTACT US menu tab and provide your name and contact information, or contact either of the two individuals listed just below. We'd be pleased to include you in the network! 

Have Questions? Want to contact us for any reason? Use this CONTACT US link. We will reply quickly. Thanks for visiting.