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Hello! Welcome to the online home of Essex MegaSquirt.

I am an Engine tuning company based in Westcliff-on-Sea Essex.

I offer a bespoke engine management system that is fully programmable by the user with a normal lap-top. 

I hope you enjoy the Essex MegaSquirt website, why not look at the services I offer or get in touch.

Many Thanks to

Nigel Barker at megasquirt-v8.co.uk  for all the help over the years ,the writing on the links at the bottom and quite a lot of the text below.

What is MegaSquirt

Here's an exellent explaination courtesy of Simon R of X-Eng :

"Megasquirt is effectively a DIY fuel injection system.

The result of this is that it is very solid and reliable - as well as being low cost , easy to install, modify and 

MS allows you to define and tune your own fuel maps. You can over time make it a perfect fit to your truck rather than 
a one-size-fits-all ECU or Carb.

Later on in the development, they came up with a way of replacing the distributor by fitting one coil per spark plug (or one between two) and triggering which fires and when electronically. 
This allows you to set your own advance and retard curves and tie them accurately to what the engine as a whole is doing.

What you get, or at least can get, is more power, easier starting, smoother running and better economy.

It can be fitted to any vehicle with fuel injection where it just plugs in to the existing injectors. 
It can also be used with carbs using what is known as 'throttle body injection' where you disconnect the fuel supply to the carb and fit a big injector which just squirts fuel into the inlet manifold. It just uses the butterfly valve in the carb to throttle the engine as normal.

MS has been fitted to all kinds of petrol engines including chain saws, bikes, lawn mowers - as well as cars and trucks. It is that versatile.

It could potentially be used to run a common rail diesel injection system - don't know if anyone has done it yet though. 
Some people have even used it to control LPG, Nitrous or water injection. 

To tune it, you load a bit of free software on to your PC and plug it in via serial RS232 or USB via a serial adaptor. 
Start with someone else's fuel map for a similar engine then by looking at the mixture via the lambda (oxygen) sensor readout in the software - tweak the settings to be better. 
It has an auto-tune function which gradually does this itself over a period of time.

Si R "



At the core of Megasquirt is Megatune.

Megatune is the software that is the 'dash board' as in it's the program that let's you see what is going on in the engine. It also is the interface that "Manages" the settings within the ECU. 

These are things such as the 'spark table' and the 'fuel table' and a big bucket of other settings. 
From MegaTune you can set,tune and change every setting to do with the running of the engine. The possibility's are endless and this is why it can be used on any engine from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinders. 

However, even if someone had a 3.9efi V8 all set up perfectly, it may not be as perfect on another 3.9 efi V8 even if std, and no mods, - as engines do vary quite considerably due to wear and tolerances. Both however would run safely without going 'bang', .............but the tuning of each properly would get the best out of both of them.



OK, this program is a link into MS 

When you have you engine running, you can plug in the PC, open 
Megatune, and ask it to "datalog" for you, as you drive the PC will store a range of engine data - Time, RPM MAT CLS 02 or AFR  Volts spark duty cycle of injectors - basically a HUGE amount of data. 

When you stop driving the log is closed and you can go in and look at the data. When I did this (its stored as a .XLS file) its just rows and rows and rows and rows of almost (to me) meaningless data - thank gawd for 

What this does is to take all this data and then produce a series of visuals / graphs of the run, it plays it all back like a video, and is there to be looked at and studied as much as you want. 

There is also a function within it which allows the software to rewrite your AFR (air fuel ratio - ie lean just right too rich) based on the logs and readings It is a very powerfull bit of software and a few goes with this can make for a good map.

In simple terms this software along with the data logging faclity, and the MS and its 
Megatune software all linked up turns your LR into what is in effect a roading road, and they as you know cost a fortune - partly due to the "hire" of the lit (you now have this) and part due to the tuners skill - ah - you have to learn this bit !

But, if you make a mistake, provided you have saved your old settings on your lap-top (an MS MSQ File) you can just reload it.

How do I Megasquirt an engine?

There are links to the LR4x4.com forum below and if you are new to MegaSquirt or just would like to know more click on the link and read on...  There is a LOT!! of information but you don't have to read it all in one go.

Also you can call or e-mail me for help and info(see contacts).
I would start with this 
or maybe here 

They WILL help with your install.
E-mail me with any questions or for an estimate. 



     Jeff    +44(0)7768361199

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