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GMBA 2011-2012

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TitleeBooks AvailableAuthorDescription
101 Places Not to See Before You Die  Price, Catherine A spirited, ingenious, tongue-in-cheek guide to some of the least appealing destinations and experiences in the world. 
Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd  Black, Holly & Cecil Castelluci, Editors A collection of twenty-nine short stories about geeks. 
Hold Still Available LaCour, Nina As Caitlin struggles to cope with her best friend Ingrid’s suicide, she turns inward and quiet, but finding Ingrid’s hidden journal, a new classmate, and new projects help Caitlin find a way to reach out again. 
I Kill Giants  Kelly, Joe Barbara Thorson, a girl battling monsters both real and imagined, kicks butt, takes names, and faces her greatest fear in this bittersweet, coming-of-age graphic novel. 
King of the Screwups  Going, K.L.  After getting in trouble yet again, popular high school senior Liam, who never seems to live up to his wealthy father’s expectations, is sent to live in a trailer park with his gay "glam-rocker" uncle. 
Little Brother  Doctorow, Cory After being interrogated for days by the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of a major terrorist attack on San Francisco, California, seventeen-year-old Marcus, released into what is now a police state, decides to use his expertise in computer hacking to set things right. 
Marcelo in the Real World Available Stork, Francisco X Marcelo Sandoval, a seventeen-year-old boy on the high-functioning end of the autistic spectrum, faces new challenges, including romance and injustice, when he goes to work for his father in the mailroom of a corporate law firm. 
Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle With My Brain  Patterson, James & Hal Friedman Cory Friedman woke up one morning when he was five years old with the uncontrollable urge to twitch his neck. From that day forward his life became a hell of irrepressible tics and involuntary utterances, and Cory embarked on an excruciating journey from specialist to specialist to discover the cause of his disease. Soon it became unclear what tics were symptoms of his disease and what were side effects of countless combinations of drugs. The only certainty is that it kept getting worse. This is the true story of Cory and his family’s decades-long battle for survival in the face of extraordinary difficulties and a maddening medical establishment. 
Monstrumologist  Yancey, Rick In 1888, twelve-year-old Will Henry chronicles his apprenticeship with Dr. Warthrop, a scientist who hunts and studies real-life monsters, as they discover and attempt to destroy a pod of Anthropophagi. 
Nation  Pratchett, Terry After a devastating tsunami destroys all that they have ever known, Mau, an island boy, and Daphne, an aristocratic English girl, together with a small band of refugees, set about rebuilding their community and all the things that are important in their lives. 
Tales of the Madman Underground Available Barnes, John In September 1973, as the school year begins in his depressed Ohio town, high-school senior Kurt Shoemaker determines to be "normal," despite his chaotic home life with his volatile, alcoholic mother and the deep loyalty and affection he has for his friends in the therapy group dubbed the Madman Underground. 
The Book of Lost Things  Connolly, John High in his attic bedroom, twelve-year-old David mourns the death of his mother, with only the books on his shelf for company. But those books have begun to whisper to him in the darkness. Angry and alone, he takes refuge in his imagination and soon finds that reality and fantasy have begun to meld. 
The Knife of Never Letting Go Available Ness, Patrick Pursued by power-hungry Prentiss and mad minister Aaron, young Todd and Viola set out across New World searching for answers about his colony’s true past and seeking a way to warn the ship bringing hopeful settlers from Old World. 
The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez  Sitomer, Alan Lawrence Tenth-grader Sonia reveals secrets about her life and her Hispanic family as she studies hard to become the first Rodriguez to finish high school. 
Wintergirls Available Anderson, Laurie Halse  Eighteen-year-old Lia comes to terms with her best friend’s death from anorexia as she struggles with the same disorder. 
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