Dover ARC top band nets on CW

posted 31 May 2019, 01:28 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club

Peter G3MLO has informed us that he is running 160M nets on CW,
frequency is 1992.0 and they are every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday 
evening starting at 18:30 and finishing at 19:00 UTC

NFD 2019

posted 21 May 2019, 01:10 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club   [ updated 21 May 2019, 01:13 ]

ECWARC are pleased to announce that we have once again formed a team for NFD (the RSGB National Field Day event), which takes place on June 1st/2nd this year.  It starts at 1500 GMT (4 pm local time) Saturday June 1st and concludes 24 hours later on the Sunday afternoon.

The QTH will be:

Via Daisy Meadow Car park,

Basin Road, Heybridge Basin, CM9 4RR

Grid:  TL870069

The site will be continuously manned by the ECWARC Committee. 

All ECWARC and other CW operators are invited to participate.  You can stop by to operate for a spell, or just to say hello and share a coffee.

For those stopping longer, we will have a BBQ available. Please bring your own food.

NFD is always a fun event whether operating or not.  And it provides a great opportunity to see CW contesting in action and even try your hand.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Essex CW Boot Camp 2017 - video link

posted 25 Feb 2019, 03:29 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club   [ updated 25 Feb 2019, 03:31 ]

Essex CW Boot Camp 2017 video is now available to view via the link below ..

Long Island CW Club

posted 7 Feb 2019, 04:10 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club

The Long Island CW Club teaches CW and live QSO protocol via internet video conference classes,  Besides teaching, the Club has interesting presentations, QRP and vintage gear meetings all virtually. Local events such as museum visits, luncheons, QRP portable operations and BBQs are frequent.  Come visit us at

Morse Boot Camps for 2019

posted 31 Jan 2019, 02:52 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club

We have been advised of the following CW Boot Camps for 2019 ..

Sunday 10th March 2019, GMDX Group (Stirling area)
Sunday 28th April 2019, Norwich ARC.
Saturday 4th May 2019, Hereford area, G4FAD.
Saturday 19th October 2019, Essex CW Club, Witham, Essex.

New Year Resolution - Learn Morse code?

posted 8 Jan 2019, 04:46 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club

Now is the time to start! Morse classes start at Danbury Village Hall, Main Rd, Danbury, CM3 4NQ, 
starting at 7pm on Thursday 17th January 2019.
If you are a complete beginner Danbury is the best place, you will have your own 'elmer' to instruct
and guide you.
If you just want to refresh your Morse skills Danbury has a group of enthusiasts who will be pleased 
to help, or if you just want a pleasurable evening with CW friends just come and join us for a fun 
evening whenever it suits you.
Contact: Andy G0IBN on

Boot Camp 2018 - Report by Andy G0IBN

posted 24 Nov 2018, 00:46 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club   [ updated 26 Nov 2018, 01:44 ]

Kanga Products sponsored Essex CW ARC second CW Boot Camp in Witham, Essex on October 27th 2018. Visitors had travelled from around the country for this popular event for Morse enthusiasts. Andy GM0XAV travelled from Salcoats, Scotland . He won the Kanga Tuner Tin 2 for the person who had travelled the furthest. Slow, medium and fast tables had been set up, each with an instructor. Delegates were first tested on their sending technique and given advice on the importance of good spacing between letters and words and possibly reducing their speed. Straight keys, twin-paddle, single paddle and cootie keys were in use - it is amazing the different plug connections which caused problems at first! Instructors sending speeds started at a slow speed for their relevant table, this was slowly increased as the day went on until candidates were pushed to their receiving limits. Mutterings of discontent were heard but we were not here for a comfortable ride!

Tea and coffee with home-made cakes were needed for refuelling during well deserved breaks.Two short talks were given to break up the day. The morning talk was given by Andy G0IBN, who gave a talk on Morse keys; from the straight keys of around the 1900s to the modern keys of today, and advice was given on adjustments and sending techniques. Gwyn G4FKH, who undertakes monthly predictions for the propagation page in RadCom gave an interesting talk which enabled the audience to appreciate this important subject and gave them references to read at a later date. An assortment of sandwiches had been prepared for lunch and none were left by the end of the day.

'Great Britain High Speed Championship'  (GBHSC) was carried out during the day, all delegates were encouraged to participate. The training program by Rufzxp was utilised. This is an excellent free training software for improving code speed and CW practice, particularly (ultra) high speed Morse which on this occasion was not needed! 'GBHSC' was won by Andy G4KNO from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. ECWARC are hoping this will become an annual event, eventually producing a team which can participate with our European colleagues. 

ECWARC would like to thank KANGA products for their support for this event and to the First Class Operators Club who made a grant which enabled us to purchase headphone amplifiers, keyers, cables and keying splitters. Although ECWARC are custodians of this equipment it is available on loan to amateurs and clubs who wish to carry out their own CW Boot Camp.

NFD 2018

posted 6 Jun 2018, 02:37 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club   [ updated 6 Jun 2018, 02:38 ]

Members of Essex CW Club were active during NFD over the weekend of 2nd/3rd 

June 2018 using G4C/P from a new site in Heybridge, Essex.

Equipment used included a K3, manual ATU and doublet antenna. The group  logged in

excess of 800 QSOs.

Operators were G4WQI, G4ZUL, G3XLG, G0JYI, G4PVM, M0ICH, G0DVJ & M0KCP.

Our thanks to all the people that turned up to help setting up and running the station. 

RadCom feature January 2018

posted 14 Dec 2017, 00:59 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club   [ updated 18 Dec 2017, 06:07 ]

The January 2018 edition of RadCom features Essex CW Club on Page 88, this can also be viewed via the resources page.

Boot Camp 2017 - Report

posted 25 Oct 2017, 05:42 by G4ZUL Essex CW Club

Essex CW Club (ECWARC) held their CW Boot Camp at Witham in Essex on October 21st, and people travelled from all over Southern England to attend.  It was kindly sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons, who donated two PK-4 Electronic Keyers.

Experience has shown that just undertaking Morse all day is too tiring for this kind of event so the program included a variety of activities to enable attendees to enjoy their day better and to get more out of it.

During the introductory speech, a prize was offered for the candidate who had travelled the furthest.  This turned out to be John/M6KET, who had travelled all the way from Redditch.  He was presented with one of the PK-4 keyers.

Three different CW speed groups were organised, slow, medium and fast.  During the next 90 minutes every attendee was assessed for both sending and receiving.  Each was critiqued on formation of characters, spacing and sending style.  For receiving, speed was gradually increased and many found that this technique helped them to receive at faster speeds.

After coffee the next item was a group session introducing Morse keys.  This included demonstrations on pump and bug keys and a tutorial on how to set them up.  Then a comprehensive talk with slides was given entitled “The Paddle Key” which answered many questions about the different types of key including the touch key, squeeze keying, Iambic A and B, the role of the keyer and good techniques.

At mid-day a second Morse assessment and practice session started with the same speed groupings and ran until lunch at 1300.  ECWARC had also provided hot soup and sausage rolls, so all delegates were well fed.

After lunch a slide-show talk was given on the design and build of a low-cost device to measure the Morse speed of a paddle key, followed by several short talks on various ham software and contesting techniques.

Afternoon coffee was followed by a combined group receiving session in which the speed was gradually increased.  The trick was to stay with it to as high a speed as possible.

With the day drawing to a close, a wrap up speech was given during which the second PK-4 was presented.  One of the seats in use had a sticker concealed underneath it.  The lucky occupant was the winner, who turned out to be Nigel/M0ICH.

Two attendees had their own epiphanies during the day.  Mick/M0GWD achieved his first-ever on-air CW QSO, and Nigel/M0ICH logged only his second HF CW QSO.  They were both delighted.

Every attendee said how much they enjoyed the day and how much they got out of it personally.  The event was voted an outstanding success, and the ECWARC team feel they achieved their goal: to preserve and widen the use of CW operating, and to help raise operating standards.

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