Morse Tutor Group

The requirement of a radio amateur to pass a Morse test to obtain a license is no longer required.... but the sound of the dits and dahs over the bands still has a fascination which draws the listener to want to send and receive Morse code.

Morse code has great advantages in that it can convey a message across the world with little power and cost, through heavy interference - unlike our voice, which can become unintelligible

There are many ways of learning Morse code, one being the use of computer programs, the other having support individually or via a group to guide you.
Danbury Morse Class.

Organised via the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society and Essex CW club members as tutors, we have a weekly class who will guide you on the use of the Morse key and paddle key.

The only requirement is dedication! You must be prepared to dedicate 15 minutes each day to study until the code is mastered.

Andrew, G0IBN, tutors the complete beginner up to the RSGB 10wpm test and the correct way to use the straight and twin- paddle key.


Dean, G4WQI, helps those that wish to improve their CW speed; to boost confidence on the use of the morse key and to carry out CW QSOs with confidence on the bands.


If you have in interest in learning Morse code, or just want to improve your CW skills, come and join us at the Danbury Village Hall on a Thursday evening, 7pm - you will be made very welcome.
Venue: Danbury Village Hall, Main Road, Danbury, Essex.  CM3 4NQ


Contact: Andrew Kersey G0IBN - Tel: 01621-868347, Email: