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Boot Camp 2018 - Presentations

Boot Camp 2018

NFD 2018  L to R   G0JYI, G3XLG, G4ZUL, G4PVM, 

G4AJY presenting his lecture - Boot Camp 2017

Boot Camp 2017 - Live HF demo station (Rob M0KCP on the left)

Boot Camp 2017 - presentations  (thanks to ML&S for prizes)

Boot Camp 2017 - high speed training table (bottom left liz G0MDL,
bottom right Andy G0IBN)

Boot Camp 2017 - intermediate speed training table

Dave G4AJY and Dean G4WQI - NFD 2017

G4ZUL, G1EFL, G3YEC, G0IBN Tollesbury Light Ship 

CW Group with their certificates (L to R 2E0NBG, G0IBN,
M0WAG and M1OCN)

G4ZUL operating IMD at Sanford Mill


Andy G0IBN - NFD2015


G0IBN, M6XHK with Trophy, G4ZUL - 2017

Rob M0KCP being presented with the ECWARC Trophy 2015

CW Group at Danbury

G4ZUL operating LV15 at Tollesbury

Rich G4FAD - member 058

G0IBN and Dean G4WQI with CW certifcate

Danbury CW Group

Andy G0IBN in the ship's radio room at Sanford Mill

Sanford Mill CW Group - M0WAG, G0IBN, G4GHO

Jonathan G0DVJ operating NFD during the night

ECWARC members (Jonathan G0DVJ, Oliver M0WAG, Michael M6EIO & Andy G0IBN) 
at the RSGB Centenary Convention, Horwood House, 12 October 2013.

ECWARC visit Hamfest 2013 (Oliver M0WAG, Dave G4AJY & Andy G0IBN)

Andy G0IBN (left) meets Rich G4FAD at Newark Hamfest 2013

Dave G4AJY in his shack.

 Tony G3ZRJ operating from his vehicle                                   

The /p setup used by Tony G0PEH (member 044) in Norfolk.

    G1FCW/P operating tent - NFD 2010                                G0DVJ and G4FTP operating G1FCW/P at NFD 2010

The site for G1FCW/P in NFD 2010                                  G4ZUL ready to operate G1FCW/P in NFD 2010

Steve G4ZUL, Andy G0IBN, Rick G3YEC, Trinity Light Vessel 15, 2009
Steve G4ZUL operating GB2HFC at Wyboston Lakes, 2009
Andy G0IBN operating NFD, 2009
 Jonathan G0DVJ and Andy G0IBN operating ARRL DX CW February 2010