Activity Week

This is a friendly non-contest style event to encourage CW operators old and new. QRS operators especially made welcome. Whilst the object is contact as many radio amateurs as possible in a week, it is hoped that a QSO goes beyond just an exchange of RST and becomes a CW chat for as long a duration as you wish. 
To work as many other radio amateurs as possible on CW (but not a contest).
Second full week in November each year.      (next 9th to 15th November 2020)
CW only. 
All bands using the ECWARC preferred club frequencies (+/- QRM)
Our club calling frequencies are:  1822,  3542,  7022,  10122,  14042,  18082,  21042,  24912 and 28022 KHz.
(Listen out for club call sign GX1FCW which will also be on-air during the activity week)

Non Members: RST & name.
Members: RST, name & Membership number.
To any operator that works at least 25 other stations, the award will be free but
only available as a PDF document (stations worked need not be ECWARC members)


Awards & rankings will be published on the ECWARC award webpage.
Logs to be submitted to
no later than the end of November.