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"Torchbearer for Education Awards"

Congratulations to all those being honored, but I especially want to congratulate SANDY LINTON, my good friend, and colleague in ECEA & ECREA! Sandy has been the Director of Essex County Education Association for many many years and she puts her all into the position. It has been a pleasure working with her and she's so deserving of this honor. I hope everyone from ECEA lets her know how excited and happy we are for her!
(Alex Protopapas)

🏆 Congratulations Sandy! 🎊


GLORIA STEWART, a veteran paraprofessional at Heywood Avenue School in the District of Orange, has been named ESP OF THE YEAR for ESSEX COUNTY. Her name was submitted to NJEA as ECEA's nomination for ESP of the state. You can go to njea.org and sign up for the ESP Conference. There will be an NJEA ESP Awards Dinner on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in E. Brunswick to honor New Jersey winners. 

(Pictured with NEA's Princess Moss)

11/10 & 11/2016

Another successful NJEA Convention!  
Many ECEA Members participated, attended our ECEA Hospitality Suite, and traveled with our members on buses sponsored by ECEA. 
ECEA #1 again!


ECEA President,  Anthony Rosamilia and Mike Rolliuns, ECEA 2nd VP with 
AMBASSADOR PHIL MURPHY, Candidate for NJ Governor


Our very own Kimberly Scott representing us as NEA Director: 

Rich discussion with Congresswoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman on ESSA, equity, and giving students and families access to necessary resources to help ensure success. — with Caleb,James Frazier, Bonnie Watson-Coleman and Kimberly Scott at Cannon House Office Building.



Essex County Education Association had its NJEA Fall Focus Meeting on Wednesday, September 21 at Nanina's in the Park in Belleville, NJ. Fall Focus Meeting are important because they inform members about relevant issues in public education such as Chapter 78, Pensions, and creating local ESSA teams. Anthony Rosamilia, ECEA President, introduced the officers, NJEA Sec/Treas. Sean Spiller, Kim Scott NEA Director, program coordinator Denise Policastro, as well as ECEA UniServ staff and other NJEA Representatives. The meeting was well attended and members networked and exchanged ideas which they will turnkey back to their members in their local districts.
Thank you to all who attended! 

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Cedar Grove Education Association to use grant to enhance community relationship with school district



Proud of Team EOEA. An awesome group of leaders who are dedicated to advocating for our members. Honored to be your President. Together we can change the landscape for members and therefore have impact upon the futures of the students were serve. EOEA leaders and members are second to none!! ONWARD in our struggle for public education!!!!! (Courtesy of Jacqui Greadington - Facebook))




Phillip McCormick representing ECEA at Columbia High School


ECEA at NEA/RA Caucus - 7/1/- 7/7/16

NEA/RA 2016 Album & Videos  -See "Photo Highlights"
BLOOMFIELD: Diane Bentley, Christine Candarella, Esther Innis

E. ORANGE: Ericka Fielding, Jacqui Greadington, Carla Hinds, Pat Landon, Jennifer Longo, Dawn Nichol, Carolyn O'Conner, Brian Rock, Jacqueline White, Venus Yearwood, secs -Michael Rollins, maint. Kim Scott
ESSEX CO. VOCATIONAL: Michael Gary, Howard Weshnak

IRVINGTON: Barbara Jennings, Gwendolyn Murray, Avis Price, Sharon Stringer

LIVINGSTON: Edward Meehan, Anthony Rosamilia

MONTCLAIR: Jennifer Bailey, Jacqueline Collier-Thomas, Lisa Gary, Gayl Shepard, Stacie Taborn-Mentor, Virginia Weaver, Alecia Wells

NEWARK: Linda Kelly-Gamble, Yanique Leveque

ORANGE: Sidney Flournoy, Anita Hicks-Johnson, Mary Karriem, Alex Protopapas, Stephanie Ross, Linda Siddiq, Gloria Stewart

SOMEA: Sabina Ellis, Rocio Lopez, Philip McCormick

ESSEX CO. COLLEGE: Michael Frank, Alvin Williams



September, 2016

Essex County Education Association

886 Pompton Avenue, Unit A-2
Cedar Grove, New Jersey  07009

Phone: (973)736-5650
Fax: (973) 736-1191


 * President - Anthony Rosamilia 

(Livingston Educ. Ass'n.)


 * 1st Vice President - Jacqui Greadington 

(E. Orange Educ. Ass'n.)


*2nd Vice President - Michael Rollins

(E. Orange Educ. Secretaries Ass'n.) 


 * Treasurer - Christine Candarella 

(Bloomfield Educ. Ass'n.) 


* Secretary - Brian Rock

 (E. Orange Educ. Ass'n.)

Executive Director - Sandy Linton

ECEA Contacts: For contact phone numbers 

see ECEA Calendar Directory or call 

ECEA Office at: (973) 736-5650 also e-mail at:



* NJEA Executive Committee Member

Kimberly Scott - E. Orange

Luis Delgado, Denise Policastro, James McGuire
70 S. Orange Ave. - Suite 250
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 762-6866

*** Please refer to our ECEA Calendar Directory for members of Delegate Assembly & Alternates as well as Committee Members, who we represent, our Constitution, and other pertinent information.  Please call our office when you have any questions at (973) 736-5650 or email us at essexcountyeducation@gmail.com.


September 21, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we enter a new school year, the ECEA remains committed to keeping Essex County’s schools a great place to learn and work. Our entire leadership team and many of our members attended NJEA Summer Leadership training in August and come back to work on behalf of our members and their students.

While I continue to believe that the ECEA is in an excellent position to have our collective voices heard and respected with legislators and administrators the threats to our profession are grave.

1.                    Even as the education “reform” movement and its obsession with testing is being discredited all around the country, in New Jersey it is alive and well. New regulations approved by the State Board of Education now have our 4th through 8th grade ELA and Math teachers receiving 30% of their evaluation from standardized tests. This threatens to destroy the love for learning that educators work so hard to instill in our students by putting too much emphasis on these tests.

2.                    The laws that were passed during the Great Recession that placed a 2% cap on school budgets and required school employees to pay large portions of their health care costs continue to result in stagnant or falling take home pay for our members. As long as these laws are in place the prospects for anyone in education to keep up with the cost of living are grim.

3.                    The pension crisis caused by a chronic failure of the state to make its required payments into the system threaten the future of current ECEA members and just as importantly make the profession much less attractive for college students graduating with increasing debt.

Many parents in Essex County decided that their students will refuse to take the PARCC and I expect that will continue. I have always said that the reformers may have the money, but we have the people. There is no constituency for these so-called reforms. Parents, students, and educators alike all agree that we need less standardized test and punish policies in our schools and more teaching and learning by professionals who are hired and entrusted to do just that.

I brought up the issue of our stagnant paychecks to legislators at the NJEA legislative conference last year. I know that the public is generally not sympathetic to this issue, but I also know that voters care about public education. And the reality is that we cannot afford to essentially have our paychecks frozen indefinitely and expect the system of public education to survive. I believe one of the main reasons that New Jersey is doing so poorly economically in this recovery is because a big part of our economy—the public sector—is still acting like it’s 2009. Austerity does not work, it is hurting our members and it is hurting our economy and we should not be afraid to explain that to legislators and the public.

Lastly, as I type this, the pension crisis has reached a critical point. As you undoubtedly have heard, the pension question will not appear on the ballot this November. As a result, the NJEA has decided it will get involved in the primary elections this spring in order to ensure that the next governor is someone we can trust to do the right thing for all public employees, their families, and the New Jersey taxpayers and fund our pensions.

As I have said in the past, as members we need to stay informed as we navigate this storm. But one thing is for certain: we believe that a stable pension system is absolutely critical to public education remaining a solid career option for college graduates now and in the future. While we want to protect the benefits already earned by our current members, we also want to protect the future benefits of the next generation of members. Otherwise being an educator as a career choice for well-qualified, idealistic young people will become a thing of the past.

In Solidarity,

Anthony Rosamilia


Essex County Education Association



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