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Website: www.eceanj.org

ECEA Pride, PAC & LGBTQ Committees collected toiletries and various items  throughout the year and made a huge push during the 2019 NEA RA to donate it the HBP Rain Foundation

We were excited for #REDforED  because we were able to wear our County shirts during the Presidential Forum. Our Delegates had the opportunity to listen to 10 Democratic Presidential Candidates and the plans 
that they have for public education  if they became elected.  
Some of our members were able to meet with one of the Democratic Presidential Candidates Senator Tim Ryan of Ohio during our morning NJEA State Caucus before the NEA RA Presidential Forum in Houston, TX.

Our members were excited about celebrating the 4th of July on the floor at the NEA RA in Houston, TX


Some of our members were excited to get started on 
the first day of the 2019 NEA RA in Houston, TX

Congratulations to our Treasurer Christine Candarella for being recognized as a 10 year delegate at the NEA RA in Houston,TX
Congratulations to our member Avis Price  for being recognized as a 10 year delegate at the NEA RA in Houston,TX
Congratulations to our member Jeanette Williams for being recognized as a 10 year delegate at the NEA RA in Houston,TX


The ECEA LGBTQ & co-sponsorsed by the ECEA Pride Committees presented a Drag Queen Story Hour held at Bloomfield Public Library The event was a huge success!

It was a gorgeous day for the Liver Life Walk that our Pride Committee took part in at Verona Park and was
 happy to be one of the sponsors of.

We came in 2nd place for having the most PAC contributions in the State. Way to go Essex County. Standing with Marie Blistan (NJEA President), Steve Beatty (NJEA-Secretary Treasurer) & Sean Spiller (NJEA-Vice President) is our Treasurer Christine Candarella, 
1st VP Kim Scott and our President Anthony Rosamilia.

Congratulations to Lauren Greenfield (Pride Chair) & the Committee Members for another successful year. 

Congratulations to our Executive Director Sandy Linton who was recognized by the Membership Committee- Linda Kelly Gamble, Stephanie Ross and Chris Cannella for her hard work and dedication to our COUNTY.

Our President Anthony Rosamilia along with members in the Northeast and of Essex County
gathered at Assemblywoman Pintor Marin's 
office to let her know that we need her support to #FixtheUnfairness of Chapter 78 and pass the ESP Job Justice Bills during our NJEA Day of Action 
across the State for 15 Offices on the 15th

We were excited to have NJEA VP Sean Spiller
as our guest speaker at our opening ceremony to
 kick off the Overnight Expo Weekend. 
Here is our Executive Committee with Sean Spiller

It was another successful Human & Civil 
Rights Dinner/Workshop. Kudos to the Keysha Knight & the Committee. Here is our 1st VP Jacqui Greadington
 and Guest Speaker Dr. Michael Jeffries with the 
Committee Members
ECEA #REDFORED Day at Verona Park was a huge success. Here are our members with NJEA VP Sean Spiller

Here is the Pride Committee along with the students of the West Orange HS Jubilee Choir and the Boys & Girls Step Team kicking off Pride Expo Week at Livingston Mall 

Here is our President Anthony Rosamilia with NJEA President Marie Blistan along with Assemblyman Ralph Caputo who was awarded the Distinguished Award and our Treasurer Christine Candarella at our Legislative Dinner that took place 
at Nanina's in the Park.
Congratulations to Peter Blodnik (ECEA Government Relations Co-Chair) on receiving the Distinguished Service Award 🥇
 at our Legislative Dinner that took place at Nanina's in the Park. You deserve it.

Thanks to our Member Benefits Committee our 
members enjoyed a midweek break at the NJ Devils 
Game for Educators Night!

Our own 1st VP Jacqui Greadington was honored at the Essex County Democratic Labor Breakfast on Friday, February 22, 2019. Christine Canderella (Treasurer) Legislator, Jean Johnson (ECEA member), Jacqui Greadington (1st VP), Anthony Rosamilia (President) & Terry Triggs-Scales (Past ECREA President & WOBOE Member)

Congratulations to Jaime Fonseca (Orange EA) for being 
Essex County ESP of the Year. Here is Jaime with our 2nd VP Kim Scott in the the first picture. Jaime is pictured with NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty & NJEA Vice President Sean Spiller. 

What a way to start the New Year!  Montclair EA President
 Petal Robertson gave the inspirational message at the 
NJEA Delegate Assembly on Saturday, January 5th.

Congratulations to Orange 🍊 EA for being named one of the
 finalist for the NJEA Jim George Collective Bargaining Award 

A few of our executives attended a Essex County Democrats event. Here is our President Anthony Rosamilia, 1st VP Jacqui Greadington and 2nd VP Kim Scott with Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver and Congressman Donald Payne Jr.

 Cedar Grove EA hosted a Membership benefit fair for their members and received support from our county President Anthony Rosamilia and our 1st VP Jacqui Greadington along with New Jersey Education Association President Marie Blistan

What an amazing turn out! We would like to thank our very own Brian Rock for organizing our Day of Action and getting everyone excited about the midterm elections. We would like to thank everyone that came out to phone bank and canvass. We also received a special visitor from Mikie Sherrill !

Congratulations to Orange EA for winning 
the ECEA 2018 Bargaining Team of the Year! 
What a way to kick off our first Rep Council 
for the 2018-2019 school year.

 School Year 2018- 2019

Essex County Education Association

886 Pompton Avenue, Unit B-2
Cedar Grove, New Jersey  07009
*New Address*

Phone: (973)736-5650
Fax: (973) 736-1191


 * President - Anthony Rosamilia 

(Livingston Education Assoc.)


 * 1st Vice President - Jacqui Greadington 

(East Orange Education Assoc.)


*2nd Vice President - Kimberly Scott 

(East Orange Maintenance Assoc.)


 * Treasurer - Christine Candarella 

(Bloomfield Education Assoc.) 


* Secretary - Brian Rock

 (East Orange Education Assoc.)

Executive Director - Sandy Linton

ECEA Contacts: 

For contact phone numbers 

see ECEA Calendar Directory or call 

ECEA Office at: (973) 736-5650 also

 e-mail at:


* NJEA Executive Committee Member

 Jacqui Greadington 

(East Orange Education Assoc.)

*Public Relations/Webmaster - Sabina Ellis
(S.Orange & Maplewood Education Assoc.)
You can send pictures of your events to:
Luis Delgado, Denise Policastro, James McGuire
70 S. Orange Ave. - Suite 250
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 762-6866

*** Please refer to our ECEA Calendar Directory for members of Delegate Assembly & Alternates as well as Committee Members, who we represent, our Constitution, and other pertinent information.  Please call our office when you have any questions at 
(973) 736-5650 or email us at essexcountyeducation@gmail.com.


My fellow ECEA members,

 80 years ago the ECEA was founded in order to “be a source of advice, help encouragement, information and cooperation for the local associations within the county.” In addition the ECEA would, “concern ourselves with the problems common to the schools, colleges, and universities of Essex County.” In 2018, we continue to carry out those goals. We continue to provide professional development and training to educators. We continue to promote our public schools and the interests of public school educators, and we continue to keep our members informed about their union. 2018-19 will continue this long tradition better than ever.

There are many opportunities in this organization for members to become more involved. Whether it’s attending a workshop or volunteering to support our endorsed candidates we would love to see more members at our events.

If you haven’t been to our office/conference center in Cedar Grove, it is a wonderful space for members to meet and learn and utilize as a resource. However, the greatest resource that we have in the ECEA is our members. Your talents and energy are needed to keep us strong in these challenging times for educators and public education.

In addition to your talent and hard work, your voice is also important. ECEA provides many opportunities to let your voice be heard by our elected leaders in our union and in the statehouse in Trenton.

Finally, as the president of the ECEA, on behalf of our entire leadership team, please accept my invitation to get to know the ECEA better this year. Checking out this website is a good first step in finding out how you can join us in furthering the goals of public education and public educators in Essex County. Great things are happening and I would love for you to be a part of it.

  In Solidarity,

Anthony Rosamilia


Essex County Education Association

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