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Here are our 2018 Delegates for the NEA 
Representative in Minneapolis, MN

We would like to thank our Executive team for their leadership here at the #NEARA18 this year. Thank you to our 2nd VP Kim Scott , Secretary Brian Rock ,
Treasurer Christine Candarella and 
1st VP Jacqui Greadington. 

We are happy to have one of our future delegates 
 here with us. Here is Carolyn O’Connell little one baby Jameson. He is bringing so much ☀️ to our members. #NEARA18 #WEareNJEA

Tonight was our last Rep Council Meeting for the school year 
and we could not let the season end without 
showing our very own Executive Director Sandy Linton 
appreciation for all of the work that she does for our association.Thank you to Keysha Knight and the 
Human & Civil Rights Committee for recognizing her 
for all of her hard work!

Here are some of our members enjoying themselves this past weekend at the NEA GLBT Caucus Conference in Las Vegas.Derrick Gagner (West Orange), Sharon Ortiz (West Orange) ,Chris Cannella (Cedar Grove) and Phil McCormick(SOMEA)

Congratulations to the ECEA Pride Committee 
and the chairperson Lauren Greenfield on 
another successful year and 
an end of the year banquet.


It was another successful Human & Civil Rights Dinner Workshop. Congratulations to the chairperson Keysha Knight and the committee. Job well done on honoring Priscilla “Penny” Burke of EOEA for her dedication of her service to the union. We were happy to see her family attend the dinner.

Also thank you to speaker of the hour Stacey Lloyd on a wonderful and inspiring speech. Stacey is NJ State Police Sgt., Certified Life Coach, an Adjunct Professor, Author & Motivational Speaker

Congrats to the ECEA Early Career 
Members Committee & Chair 
Stephanie Ross along w/NJEA Membership 
Essex Rep Linda Kelly-Gamble & NJEA
 Members Benefits Essex County Rep Annette Kuehn
 for a successful event.

Check out some of our ECEA members and some of the executive committee enjoying themselves along with the NJEA ESP committee and President Marie Blistan at the NEA ESP Conference that took place this past weekend in Orlando, Fl.

This is a powerful moment that took place this 
past weekend at the NEA ESP conference in Orlando, Fl with our former 2nd VP Mike Rollins, current 2nd VP Kim Scott (NJEA Executive Committee) and Treasurer Christine Canderella. They met this young lady along with her parents at a doughnut shop in Disney Springs. She walked in excited about eating her first doughnut ever because she has a severe allergy towards eggs, nuts, milk and soy. Mike engaged the family and heard this young lady's story and told the sales clerk to give any doughnut she wanted. Mike paid for it and her mom was nearly in tears and the family thanked them immensely and asked for pictures.This is what it's all about. Moments like this will have an impact on a child's life for a lifetime. That's why we do what we do Empowering and uplifting our students.

It's amazing to see some of our members
and leadership team representing well at the NEA Leadership Summit Conference that took place
 this past weekend in Chicago.

Congratulations to our very own 
Brian Rock and NJ State Assemblywoman
Mila Jasey on receiving an award for 
Distinguished Service in Essex County at the
 ECEA Annual Legislative Dinner

Congratulations to the ECEA PRIDE 
Committee on another successful Pride in Public Education Week that took place at Livingston Mall. Last night was the PRIDE Essay Awards Ceremony where we honored
the Top 3 Essays from 1st-12th Grade

Tonight was the opening ceremony at
Livingston Mall to kick off Pride in Public Education. Here is Jacqui Greadington (1st VP) with Lauren Greenfield (Pride Chair) along with the Pride Committee

We are so honored and excited to 
receive the 2018 Highest Level of Engagement Achievement Award for a county with the more than 9,000 members at the NJEA Legislative & Political  Action Conference

Congratulations to Keysha Knight 
for receiving ESP of the Year for Essex County!
(NJEA President Marie Blistan-Keysha Knight-Mike Rollins (2nd VP)-Kim Scott (NJEA Executive Committee Liaison) & Christine Clark-(Mercer County EA President)

What a great turnout for the ECEA Minority Leadership & Recruitment Workshop.Thank you to the chair of the committee Terrance Henry and NJEA Consultant Gabe Tanglao


Congratulations to our 1st VP Jacqui 
Greadington and the NJEA Chair of the Human & Civil Rights Committee on the success 44th Annual of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Human
 & Civil Rights Celebration. Here she is with the keynote speaker Nikki Giovanni who is an American Poet, Writer, Commentator, Activist and Educator

We kicked off the New Year by hosting a
 cocktail reception where members were able to
 mingle with Legislators and to discuss common
goals that are important to us all.


We are excited to see that our Pride 
Committee made the Proud Moments section
of the January NJEA Review Issue for
the renovation of the children's treatment
room at Clara Maass Medical Center 

Congratulations to Belleville High School educators 
Gerard Fabiano and Ryan Sheridan on receiving a 
Hipp Foundation grant to work with students to develop the Student Learning Academy Website. The project is a student-based educational website almost completely created for students,by students. #NJEAConvention
Here we are the 2nd VP Mike Rollins, 
Treasurer Christine Willette Candarella and 
Public Relations Sabina Ellis with the Vice President Sean Spiller of  NJEA on the last day of the #NJEAConvention
It was wonderful to have the Governor-Elect 
Phil Murphy return back to the NJEA Convention to
 thank the ESPs and Teachers for their hard work 
on the campaign trail. #NJEAConvention

Our Essex County Educators enjoyed themselves
 at our 
ECEA Hospitality Brunch
 held at the #NJEAConvention
(Click on the photo/video highlight tab 
to view more pictures)
Our Essex County Educators enjoyed themselves
 at our 
ECEA Hospitality Brunch
 held at the #NJEAConvention
(Click on the photo/video highlight tab 
to view more pictures)

Our Essex County Educators enjoyed themselves
 at our 
ECEA Hospitality Brunch
 held at the #NJEAConvention
(Click on the photo/video highlight tab 
to view more pictures)

Newly Elected ECREA President Joseph Macaluso 
ECEA President Anthony Rosamilia with 
Jessie Wilkerson the Editor of the ECREA Newsletter 
in the background at  the ECREA Fall
 Luncheon held on October 25th

We are a week away from the Election. 
Here is our very own NJEA Executive Committee member Kim Scott and our 1st VP Jacqui Greadington with Phil Murphy #members4murphy #ECEA #MurphyNJ

We would like to congratulate Irvington EA 
on receiving the NJEA 2017 
Jim George Collective Bargaining Summit Award 
this weekend.

Congratulations to the Pride Committee
Chair Lauren Greenfield,
 the committee and host of volunteer 
for the renovation
of the treatment room at 
Clara Maass Medical Center

It has been a weekend of action pushing through to 
Election Day. Here are some of our members with NJEA 
President Marie Blistan and Secretary-Treasurer
Steve Beatty at the NJEA Northeast Region's Family Fest
held at Costa del Sol in Union, NJ

We had great day for our Fall Focus-
Day of Action. Thank you to everyone 
that came to help canvass, write postcards 
and phone bank. A huge thank you to
 NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty for 
stopping by. Please click on the Photo-Video 
Highlight for more pictures

We are excited to announce that we 
have selected Keysha Knight 
for ESP of the Year for Essex County! 
Keysha is a Secretary at Columbia High School
 in the South Orange Maplewood School District. 
She is a pleasure to work with and is always
 willing to go the extra mile for
 anyone who needs help.

‪Check out our ECEA Executive Committee at the 
Phil Murphy Sheila Oliver Democratic Event where former 
President Barack Obama is the special guest. ‬

Our President Anthony Rosamilia  with
 Team North Member Stephanie Ross and 
ECEA LGBTQ Co-Chairperson Chris Cannella  
enjoying themselves at the kickoff event 
by Team North at Pier 115

Check out our 1st VP Jacqui Greadington  
with Senator Nia Gill and Paige Dworak 
(President of East Orange General Hospital)

We would like to congratulate
 Irvington Education Association
 on receiving the Coordinated Bargaining Council 
Team of the Year for negotiating 
one of the best contracts for their members!

Congratulations to our 1st VP 
Jacqui Greadington for being
recognized at NJEA's Joint Session
for her work as the past chair of the
NEA Black Caucus


Our very own President 
Anthony Rosamilia was asked by NJEA 
President Marie Blistan to represent 
her at the #DACA Rally that took
place in Newark outside the 
Federal Building. #Dreamers

Essex County is representing at New Jersey Education Association 
Summer Leadership Conference. 
Here is NJEA Executive Committee Member Kim Scott, 
ECEA Secretary Brian Rock and 2nd VP Mike Rollins #NJEASLC
Essex County is representing at the New Jersey Education Association 
Summer Leadership Conference. Here is NJEA newly elected 
Steve Beatty: Secretary-Treasurer of the NJEA,
ECEA Public Relations Sabina A Ellis,
NJEA Executive Committee Member Kim Scott and 
ECEA Member Annette Scott-Naylor #NJEASLC 


Essex County was in the house 
for two days of training for the
NJEA  2017 Summer Fellow Program


We are back from #NEARA17
and we are right back to work. 
Check out our screening committee 
doing it's thing for our members.


Take a look at our 
2017 Essex County Delegates 
for the NEA-RA in Boston!

We are happy to see our 2nd VP Mike Rollins here 
with us this morning at the 
New Jersey Education Association Caucus. 
Mike is also our county coordinator this year f
or the NEA Today RA Boston! 
Here he is with our President Anthony Rosamilia

We would like to congratulate all 
Delegates that will be representing 
Essex County this year at the
 NEA Today Annual Meeting & 
Representative Assembly this year in 
Boston! Tonight was Phase I for all
 Essex County Delegates 
to meet before the NJEA State Caucus. 
We are excited 😊 and we can't wait to 
see everyone this weekend! 

We would like to say 
Thank You to everyone for your 
dedication & commitment this year 
from attending workshops, 
presenting and contributing new ideas. 
Have a wonderful Summer and 
see you in September!


 School Year 2017 - 2018

Essex County Education Association

886 Pompton Avenue, Unit B-2
Cedar Grove, New Jersey  07009
*New Address*

Phone: (973)736-5650
Fax: (973) 736-1191


 * President - Anthony Rosamilia 

(Livingston Education Assoc.)


 * 1st Vice President - Jacqui Greadington 

(East Orange Education Assoc.)


*2nd Vice President - Kimberly Scott 

(East Orange Maintenance Assoc.)


 * Treasurer - Christine Candarella 

(Bloomfield Education Assoc.) 


* Secretary - Brian Rock

 (East Orange Education Assoc.)

Executive Director - Sandy Linton

ECEA Contacts: 

For contact phone numbers 

see ECEA Calendar Directory or call 

ECEA Office at: (973) 736-5650 also

 e-mail at:


* NJEA Executive Committee Member

Kimberly Scott 

(East Orange Maintenance Assoc.)

*Public Relations/Webmaster - Sabina Ellis
(S.Orange & Maplewood Education Assoc.)
You can send pictures of your events to:
Luis Delgado, Denise Policastro, James McGuire
70 S. Orange Ave. - Suite 250
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 762-6866

*** Please refer to our ECEA Calendar Directory for members of Delegate Assembly & Alternates as well as Committee Members, who we represent, our Constitution, and other pertinent information.  Please call our office when you have any questions at 
(973) 736-5650 or email us at essexcountyeducation@gmail.com.


My fellow ECEA members,

 For more than 75 years the ECEA has been providing professional development and training to educators, promoting our public schools, and keeping members informed about their union. I believe that the ECEA in 2017-18 will continue carrying out those three core missions better than ever.

 There are many opportunities in this organization for members to become more involved. Whether it’s attending a workshop or volunteering to support our endorsed candidates we would love to see more members at our events.

 We are very excited for members to see the new office and meeting space in Cedar Grove. It is a wonderful space for members to meet and learn and utilize as a resource. However, the greatest resource that we have in the ECEA is our members. Your talents and energy are needed to keep us strong in these challenging times for educators and public education.

In addition to your talent and hard work, your voice is also important. ECEA provides many opportunities to let your voice be heard by our elected leaders in our union and in the statehouse in Trenton.

 Finally, as the president of the ECEA, on behalf of our entire leadership team, please accept my invitation to get to know the ECEA better this year. Checking out this website is a good first step in finding out how you can join us in furthering the goals of public education and public educators in Essex County. Great things are happening and I would love for you to be a part of it.


  In Solidarity,

Anthony Rosamilia


Essex County Education Association

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