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Essex County was in the house 
for two days of training for the
NJEA  2017 Summer Fellow Program


We are back from #NEARA17
and we are right back to work. 
Check out our screening committee 
doing it's thing for our members.


Take a look at our 
2017 Essex County Delegates 
for the NEA-RA in Boston!

We are happy to see our 2nd VP Mike Rollins here with us this morning at the 
New Jersey Education Association Caucus. 
Mike is also our county coordinator this year for the NEA Today RA Boston! 
Here he is with our 

We would like to congratulate all 
Delegates that will be representing 
Essex County this year at the
 NEA Today Annual Meeting & 
Representative Assembly this year in 
Boston! Tonight was Phase I for all
 Essex County Delegates 
to meet before the NJEA State Caucus. 
We are excited 😊 and we can't wait to 
see everyone this weekend! 

We would like to say 
Thank You to everyone for your 
dedication & commitment this year 
from attending workshops, 
presenting and contributing new ideas. 
Have a wonderful Summer and 
see you in September!


 School Year 2017 - 2018

Essex County Education Association

886 Pompton Avenue, Unit A-2
Cedar Grove, New Jersey  07009
*New Address*

Phone: (973)736-5650
Fax: (973) 736-1191


 * President - Anthony Rosamilia 

(Livingston Education Assoc.)


 * 1st Vice President - Jacqui Greadington 

(East Orange Education Assoc.)


*2nd Vice President - Michael Rollins

(East Orange Education Secretaries Assoc.) 


 * Treasurer - Christine Candarella 

(Bloomfield Education Assoc.) 


* Secretary - Brian Rock

 (East Orange Education Assoc.)

Executive Director - Sandy Linton

ECEA Contacts: For contact phone numbers 

see ECEA Calendar Directory or call 

ECEA Office at: (973) 736-5650 also e-mail at:


* NJEA Executive Committee Member

Kimberly Scott 

(East Orange Maintenance Assoc.)

*Public Relations/Webmaster - Sabina Ellis
(S.Orange & Maplewood Education Assoc.)
You can send pictures of your events to:
Luis Delgado, Denise Policastro, James McGuire
70 S. Orange Ave. - Suite 250
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 762-6866

*** Please refer to our ECEA Calendar Directory for members of Delegate Assembly & Alternates as well as Committee Members, who we represent, our Constitution, and other pertinent information.  Please call our office when you have any questions at 
(973) 736-5650 or email us at essexcountyeducation@gmail.com.


December 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Like many of you, since election night I have spent a lot of time trying to understand what happened. Right now, none of us know exactly what impact the election will have on public education and the lives of our students and fellow members. However, If the appointment of Betsy DeVos is any indication of what is coming, it seems like we are in for a struggle. In January, I will share my vision for the changes we need to make as political activists for public education to win elections. Make no mistake, whatever positions you support, whatever views you hold, do not matter much if you lose elections. One of the biggest elections for us as ECEA members will come in November as we elect a new governor. I intend that the ECEA will once again lead the way in that effort.

The big news in our own back yard is that the leadership team is excited to announce that the ECEA has a new home. In a process that started nearly two years ago with the Rep Council approving the sale of our West Orange office, we are ready to show off our new ECEA office and training center. Located at 886 Pompton Avenue in Cedar Grove, the space can hold workshops for up to 40 members. We also have a state of the art collaborative white board/projector system that will allow members to have meeting notes and other workshop materials emailed to them or shared directly on their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. In addition to the large conference room, we also have a small conference room for meetings up to eight people and space for Sandy to manage the day to day operations of our nearly 12,000-member organization. 

 Ultimately, the goal is for many of our members to take advantage of this space as a place where we can learn and grow and as a source of pride. I would like to personally thank the Rep Council for supporting this vision, along with my officers, Ed Meehan the building Chairperson and Sandy Linton for all the hard work that went into making this a reality.

 As always, I am so proud to represent the hard-working and dedicated professionals of the Essex County Education Association.

  In Solidarity,

Anthony Rosamilia


Essex County Education Association

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