Welcome to the Essex County Carpet Bowls Association web site.  
Essex County Carpet Bowls Association is a member of  the Eastern Counties Region of the English Carpet Bowls Association. 
The Association is here to promote the game of Carpet Bowls and its growth in Essex, to administer the County Leagues and other Carpet Bowls Competitions and 
to advise on all aspects of the game including rules and equipment etc.
You can contact us via essexccba@gmail.com.  
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September 2, 2018 Essex Open Fours Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall See Report 
September 23, 2018 Six Counties Teambowl Littleport (Hosts Norfolk) Essex 3rd - See Report 
October 7, 2018 Essex Triples Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Winners - Rayne - See Report  
October 14, 2018 Essex Teambowl Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall See Report 
October 20, 2018 Essex V West Sussex Gt Saling Drew 8 - 8 - See Report 
November 9, 2018 National County Championship Potters Resort - Hopton on Sea See Report 
November 18, 2018 Essex Pairs Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Winners Sewards End - See Report 
November 25, 2018 Eastern Counties League Match Hertfordshire Essex lost a close match 12-24 See Report 
December 9, 2018 Eastern Counties League Match Gt Saling Essex lose heavily - See Report 
January 4, 2019 Essex Open Pairs at Potters Potters Resort, Hopton on Sea See Report 
January 13, 2019 Essex Singles - Qualifiers Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall See details of Qualifiers for Finals Day 
January 20, 2019 Eastern Counties League Match Littleport Leisure Centre Cambridgeshire A narrow defeat 17-19 - See Report 
February 10, 2019 Essex Fours Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Winners Rayne - See Report 
February 17, 2019 Eastern Counties League Match Gt Saling Essex v Beds - A 25-11 win - See Report 
March 3, 2019 Essex Singles - Finals Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Winner - Mark Hammond (See Report) 
March 10, 2019 Essex Inter Area Competition Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall See Report 
March 17, 2019 Eastern Counties League Match Gt Saling A good 22-14 win for Essex - See Report 
April 14, 2019 Six Counties Championship Littleport (Hosts - Hertfordshire) Essex finish a close 4th - See Report 
April 28, 2019 Essex League Finals Day Braintree Leisure Centre - Studio Winners of each League to take part 
May 12, 2019 Essex League Finals Plate Competition Braintree Leisure Centre - Studio 6 Runners Up to take part 
May 12, 2019 Eastern Counties Champion of Champions Littleport Leisure Centre Essex Discipline winners to take part 
June 1, 2019 National Champion of Champions Stanley Indoor Bowls Club Durham Winners of Essex Disciplines to take part 
June 21, 2019 Essex AGM Braintree Leisure Centre - Studio All Essex Clubs to attend 
July 28, 2019 Essex Practice Gt Saling Essex Squad Players only 
August 4, 2019 Ladies v Gents Charity Event Braintree Leisure Centre - Studio Charity event 
August 11, 2019 Essex Summer Singles Leagues - Finals Day Gt Saling League Winners to take part 
September 1, 2019 Essex Open Fours Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Open Competition - all welcome 
September 22, 2019 Eastern Counties Teambowl Littleport (Hosts ESSEX) Essex Team to take part & Host the event 
September 29, 2019 Maldon Fours Maldon Town Hall Invites to follow 
October 5, 2019 Essex v West Sussex Selsey West Sussex Annual Friendly - date to be confirmed 
October 6, 2019 Essex Triples  Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Closed competition - Essex Clubs only 
October 13, 2019 Essex Teambowl Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Open competition - all welcome 
October 27, 2019 Essex Practice Gt Saling Essex Squad Players only 
November 4, 2019 Potters Mid Week Break Porters Resort Hopton 4 Day Mid Week Break - See Report for Application Forms 
November 8, 2019 National County Championship Potters Resort To be played on the Saturday & Sunday 
November 17, 2019 Essex Pairs Braintree Leisure Centre - Sports Hall Closed Competition - Essex teams only 
November 24, 2019 Eastern Counties League Match Needham Market Essex away against Suffolk 
December 8, 2019 Eastern Counties League match Gt Saling Essex home v Cambridgeshire 
January 5, 2020 Essex Practice Gt Saling Essex Squad players only 
January 12, 2020 Essex Singles Braintree Leisure Centre Initial Qualifying Rounds 
January 19, 2020 Eastern Counties League match Barton Le Clay Essex away against Bedfordshire 
January 26, 2020 Essex Practice Gt Saling 1-00 to 6-00 Essex squad players only 
January 31, 2020 Essex Open Pairs Potters Resort - Hopton on Sea played over the weekend - Friday 31st January to Monday 3rd February 2020  
February 9, 2020 Essex Fours Braintree Leisure Centre Closed Competition - Essex Clubs only 
February 16, 2020 Eastern Counties League Match Wortwell Essex away against Norfolk 
March 1, 2020 Essex Singles Braintree Leisure Centre 40 Qualifiers to play 
March 8, 2020 Essex Inter Area Competition Braintree Leisure Centre All Six Areas to take part - 24 players per team 
March 15, 2020 Eastern Counties League match Gt Saling Essex Home v Hertfordshire 
April 19, 2020 Six Counties Championship Littleport Essex team event 
April 26, 2020 Essex League Finals Day Braintree Leisure Centre The League winners & Runners Up to take part 
May 10, 2020 Eastern Counties Champion of Champions to be advised Essex discipline winners to take part 
June 26, 2020 Essex AGM Braintree Leisure Centre 8-00 p.m. All clubs to attend 
July 26, 2020 Essex Practice Gt Saling Essex Squad Players only 
August 9, 2020 Ladies v Gents Braintree Leisure Centre Charity event 
September 6, 2020 Essex Open Fours Braintree Leisure Centre Open competition 
September 27, 2020 Eastern Counties Teambowl Littleport (Hosts Suffolk) Essex team to take part 
October 4, 2020 Essex Triples Braintree Leisure Centre Closed competition - restricted to Essex clubs only 
October 11, 2020 Essex Teambowl Braintree Leisure Centre Open competition - individual entries 
October 25, 2020 Essex Pracice Gt Saling Essex Squad Players only 
November 6, 2020 National County Championship Potters Resort Norfolk Played over the weekend 
November 15, 2020 Essex Pairs Braintree Leisure Centre Closed competition - Essex clubs only 
November 22, 2020 Eastern Counties League Match Littleport Essex away against Cambridgeshire 
December 13, 2020 Eastern Counties League Match Gt Saling Essex Home v Bedfordshire 
January 17, 2021 Eastern Counties League Match Gt Saling Essex Home v Norfolk 
January 24, 2021 Essex Practive Gt Saling Essex Squad Players only 
January 29, 2021 Essex Open Pairs Potters Resort played over the weekend 
February 21, 2021 Eastern Counties League Match Welwyn Garden City Essex away v Hertfordshire 
March 21, 2021 Eastern Counties League Match Gt Saling Essex Home v Suffolk 
April 11, 2021 Six Counties Championship Littleport Essex team to take part 
May 9, 2021 Eastern Counties Champion of Champions Needham Market (Hosts Suffolk) Winners of Essex Disciplines to take part 
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