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From the East

September 2018 Master's Message


I hope you have enjoyed the summer months and that your time away from the fraternity gave you an opportunity to enjoy your friends and family and strengthen those most important bonds. As we return to the business of the fraternity I also hope being away from its brotherhood and lessons reminded you of their importance and influence in your life.

I have mentioned four areas that I believe are important for a lodge to succeed- Ritual, Fraternity, Community and Esotericism. This message will deal with the Community part of the fraternity.

Due to issues beyond the control of the fraternity, the fraternity will no longer be able to attend and assist with the services for our veterans at the VA Hospital in Orange. This has been a long tradition within the 8th District and gave us a chance to demonstrate our appreciation and support for our veterans. We all feel a deep disappointment in that opportunity having been removed.

We are masons though and when we face obstacles and obstructions we find solutions. Let us not look at this as an end to our outreach to the veteran’s community and their needs. Instead let us take this as an opportunity to find a new way to show our respect and dedication to our fighting men and women.

I have heard the brethren of our lodge brainstorm a great many good ideas over the years and now we have a new opportunity to approach our community and improve it. Perhaps we focus our charity in another direction, to local food banks or soup kitchens. Clothing drives and toys drives are another noble form of charity or blood drives and the CHIPs programs.

I want to hear your ideas. Send me emails with your suggestions and plans for how and where we can focus our charitable strength. Be prepared to participate in whatever you recommend and in doing so reap the satisfaction of doing good unto all men.

Fraternally ,
Jason S. Eberhardt
Worshipful Master
Essex Lodge No. 7