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From the East

October 2017 Master's Message
Brethren, we are taught...

“My Brother, It becomes my duty to inform you that you have not yet received the necessary instruction that will enable you to prove yourself a Master Mason, neither do I know that you ever will. You must now give us an example of your fortitude and fidelity. You have a rough and rugged road to travel...”

I have spoken these words to more Masons than I can count. And the look on each of their faces was the same. Dismay. Uncertainty. Fear. We go through our Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degrees with dismay and uncertainty but are assured that we are in the hands of a trusting friend. One who will safely guide us through the ritual which we are taking part in. But now they feel uneasy and, maybe, even a bit inadequate.

It is at this point that they are shown the importance of fortitude and fidelity. In the Entered Apprentice Degree we are explained the importance of Fortitude; the ability to undergo pain, peril and danger in the performance of duty. And the importance of Fidelity; that our appreciation for its sublime principles will be in proportion to our fidelity in observing its precepts.

It is here that we truly understand the meanings and the importance of them. It is here that we, representing Our Operative Grand Master H.A., must learn to believe that trust is more important than our own lives. We must remain absolute and resolute.

“My life you may take, but my integrity... NEVER.”

And in our state of “death,” we understand how important trust is. And more importantly, our word. If all we have is our word, and we betray that trust, we are left compromised and empty. With nothing good left in our wake. Nothing good for those left behind to memorialize us with.

I asked this question once before.... How will you be remembered? 
Govern yourselves accordingly.

Fraternally Yours, 
Christopher S. Bollotta 
Worshipful Master