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From the East

June 2017 Master's Message

Brethren, we are taught...

“Even the Temple of Solomon, so spacious and magnificent, and constructed by so many celebrated artists, escaped not the unsparing ravages of barbarous force. Freemasonry, notwithstanding still survives.”

The Temple of Solomon.... It can be easy to overlook the simple fact that each Lodge, our Lodge, is a representation of the Temple of Solomon. Being situated due East & West. Every facet of our Masonic existence is derived from our journey through the Temple. From our very humble beginnings as an Entered Apprentice when we first passed through the columns; As we continued to have new pleasures open to our view and we first experienced the Winding Staircase as Fellowcrafts,; And, most importantly, as we were taught the importance of our integrity and the necessity to remain steadfast through our fortitude and fidelity as Master Masons.

But our Temple seems so much more than that. There are so many necessities that need to occur for our Lodge to function. It is easy to say that it starts with the Worshipful Master and most would be right. But what of the need for the White Apron Brother sitting on the sideline? The Junior Steward at his place? The Senior Warden at his station? The Past Master sitting in the North? Our Lodge is a well-oiled machine with precision pieces all melding and moving in perfect sync. It’s value as a whole is far more priceless than the sum of it’s parts. But the sum of it’s parts are essential to it’s value as a whole.

“If You do well by the Lodge, then the Lodge will do well by You.”

But remember, not even the Temple of Solomon survived. It fell a victim to it’s own fortitude through the unsparing ravages of barbarous force. Think about this Brethren... Barbarous Force. In this modern day and age, Barbarous Force can have a whole new meaning. And how many Lodges have fallen to it in one way or another? We must remain diligent in our pursuits, Brethren. We must ensure that we survive. That Freemasonry survives.

“The attentive ear receives the sound from the instructive tongue, and the mysteries of Freemasonry are safely lodged in the repositories of faithful breasts.”

Will you be able to ensure that there are ‘attentive ears’ and ‘faithful breasts’ for us to pass down what we have wrought?

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Fraternally Yours, 
Christopher S. Bollotta 
Worshipful Master