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From the East

November/December 2018 Master's Message


As the year comes to a close we enter into the holiday season filled with a sense of accomplishment, hope and anticipation. This has been a busy but successful year filled with fun events, new members and lodge improvements. During the holidays, whether enjoying the fraternity at Krimmel’s annual Christmas party or gathered around with your family to enjoy the warmth of the season try to remember the lessons and experiences you have gained from the lodge.

To become a master mason in the operative and historical sense, meant to gain proficiency in certain tools and skills that allowed you to accomplish your tasks. It did not mean that you no longer had anything left to learn or skills to improve.

We talk often and with good reason about the imperfect and perfect ashlar for their symbolism in our journey to improve ourselves. We should all know that when we face the Grand Artificer of the Universe we will not face Him as perfect but imperfect ashlars. Our struggle for perfection is certain to fail, but it is not the goal but the journey that matters.

Every brother has need of your wisdom but the brother who requires the greatest amount of your attention is yourself. If you are not considering every day one area of your life or your choices that can be improved, then you are not truly working toward the perfection of your ashlar.

As our new officers are installed and advance our lodge into another year of success and accomplishment, remember to offer them advice that enables them to better themselves and only after you have considered how you yourself have improved. Doing this will gain you the admiration of your brethren and the approval of the Grand Artificer of the Universe.

Join us on December 4th to herald in our new year and officers and to endow them with an energy of our support and knowledge.

Thank you for your support during this year. Enjoy the season of the year that is meant for appreciating and enjoying ones family, whether your direct relations, friends or masonic. For myself personally I wish you a warm Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Fraternally ,
Jason S. Eberhardt
Worshipful Master
Essex Lodge No. 7