Master's Message

From The East

My Brother,

As we begin to wrap up the first half of our Masonic year, some thoughts came up that I wanted to share with you. This month I wanted to focus on the idea of Lodge ownership. So let me ask you…Have you ever wondered who the owner of our Lodge is? Let’s examine this with a few scenarios.

Who owns a publicly traded company like Nike, for instance? That’s pretty easy, the stockholders do. Who are their customers? Well, folks who want to buy athletic shoes. What do those folks want from Nike? They want stylish, good quality, relatively high priced, sports shoes. So who would buy some expensive Nikes and throw them up on a shelf just to admire them from time to time?

Now, who owns Rutgers University? We do, the ones who pay taxes for it. Who are its customers? The students. What do the customers want? They want quality education and hopefully a good future job! Would you ever think about spending time and money to earn a degree there, and then never putting it to use in your life at all?

Finally, brethren…who owns Essex Lodge #7? You do! And so does everyone who is a dues paying member. What do Essex Lodge owners want? Great Ritual, even better Fellowship, spreading of masonic light, success and growth of our lodge, value for their dues and recognition of good service.

If you have fought through three rituals, three proficiencies and everything else in order to become a Master Mason and paid your dues, you are part owner of your Lodge. So …Your Lodge belongs to YOU.

What have you done with your ownership of our Lodge? Have you put it on a shelf as an admired past accomplishment? Have you given of your time and talent to benefit it or ensure its future success?

Come out regularly, and make your voices heard my brethren. You own this lodge, make it as good as it can possibly be! As always, I’m proud to be your Master, here’s to a great second half of our Masonic year.

Alexandru D. Aldea

Worshipful Master 2016

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