Lavender Field

Why Use Us!

Currently the most common way to make essential oil is with steam distillation which leaves 40-50% of the available essential oil behind. Our systems use medical grade solvents to extract at much more efficient rates increasing the profitability of any business almost 2X fold. 
Steam Distillation leaves lots of valuable oil behind!! 
Switch to Elite Essential Oil Extractors and easily make oil in your home, farm, or Lab. Solvent Extraction is 40-50% more efficient than steam distillation! 

Our Experience Shows!

Steam Distillation leaves lots of valuable $$Money$$ behind! It is old Tech and should be discontinued.Switch Today, and Save your Time and Double your Profits!
Essential Oil Is Good Business:
For example Lavender essential oil is worth $2,000 per gallon and a gallon of rose oil is worth $50,000. 

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