«Essence of Flame» is a collection of handcrafted bio fireplaces with a focus on the emotional attachment people have towards flames.

The starting point of this project is the growing interest in bio fire technology that recently appeared on a market and how this innovation will affect the design of fireplaces.

This collection presents a number of different bio fireplaces that are aiming to be a visually rich creation, even when flames are not burning. This is particularly pertinent as the role of the fire in the house is different nowadays:  from being an everyday necessity, it has transformed into a decoration element. A fire sets a mood for a simple relaxed evening in or for a special occasion.

Instead of framing the fire in a traditional manner these designs affect the shape and pathways the flames themselves using the simple form of a ring. Surfaces are also created to awake memories and associations about fire and its story in our homes. Pieces are inspired by natural peculiarities that fire has; for example, the movements in flames, soot marking and the effects of heat that were captured during initial research. The reasons for the psychological attachment people have towards flames were also investigated.

Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva MA (CSM)
Designer & Founder 

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