What will engage two-year college writing students arriving at Composition courses with their learning preferences already established along the lines of

  • social networking and its questionable values
  • e-media's  abbreviated content, video's predigested reporting, and corporate propaganda
  • nonqualified validation of undocumented sources;  minimal reading; preference for the 50 word ideal.

How can such habits of mind (and hand) be led to reading in competent depth and mastery of writing conventions?  Good question, right?


DoubleThink for Two-Year College Writing  (DT) delivers a workshop curriculum for the writing-lab classroom.  It recasts college writing in media modeled on the brevity, memorability, and subconscious appeal loaded into messages used by national advertisers to implant and retain  brand-loyalty for the shampoos, automobiles, and breakfast cereals they sell.  Fill in the blank for a demonstration of their success:

  • Like a good neighbor, ________________ is there.
  • Aren't you glad you use ______________?  Don't you wish everybody did?
  • It's the real thing.  ________________
  • Stir up the _________________.  Soup is good food.

In the curriculum I propose, writing technique and critical thinking skills have been integrated into non-Latinate Workshops across a variety of college writing assignments—a “new, trimmer body,” neurolinguistically accomodating to all--grounded in metaphor, related mnemonics, and motivated by pairings of technology with technique.   Redundant content diversely modal assures acquisition of core concepts.


DoubleThink for Two-Year College Writing is a series of supervised, writing lab workshops.  In classroom segment it draws from student-centered learning strategies like 

  • lower brain saturation using "shout-outs" 
  • live instructor modelling of invention, drafting and manuscript format with student emulations 
  • thinking on one's feet for extra credit, using the metaphilosophical criteria of Stephen Pepper's World Hypotheses, 
  • regular pairing of technique with technology 
  • in-class oral text reading with instructor directed, close reading probe
  • induction of cognitive disequalibrium in the classroom.  
  • includes quasi-social-media applications with student pages, composition contest sites, skill-remediation games, and an openness to novel applications, to lend a wish-fulfillment spin to the trained-mind lifestyle.  

Non-readers, benighted writers, and twittering thinkers deserve at least one educational brand among the multinational corporations vying for control of their habits —a brand whose end is not financial gain, but a resurrection of the powerful American Thinker, seated high above icons of commerce. 

Note to Workshop Instructors: You’re not just a teacher anymore—you’re an entertainer, a coach, a motivational guru, and a raving, black-bearded pirate, too.

DoubleThink for Two Year College Writing

Workshop 1
ATSEA Essayling

Pirate Pud's metaphoric approach to essay form and basic categorical thought reclaims the interest of today's "abbreviated" thinkers (non-readers used to cellular technology) with a loud-mouth pirate persona shouting to implant alternative bases of critical skills many writing students are presently failing to assimilate from traditional writing education.

DoubleThink Publications,
Jan 22, 2013, 2:31 PM