Representative Council



The Representative Council shall be a policy forming body of the Association. Representative Council shall consist of duly elected building representatives who shall regularly assemble to conduct the business of the Association.



Paragraph 1 - Powers

The Representative Council will act on reports of committees, approve resolutions and other policy statements, and conduct the month-to-month business of the Association. It may adopt such rules governing the conduct of the Association and the conduct of the meetings as are consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws.

Paragraph 2 - Election of Representative Council

There shall be one (1) representative for every ten (10) members, rounded to the nearest ten, per job site, with a minimum of one (1) representative per site.

Term of office shall be one (1) year.

Job sites will be notified by April 1 of the number of Representative Council members they will be allocated for the following school year. The site will elect their representatives(s) by May 1. Each site will notify the Association President of the results of the election.

The Association's Membership Chairperson will report to the Executive Board in November changes in building membership which would affect the building allotment of representatives. A site will be notified of any changes. If necessary, a building will conduct a special election and notify the Association President of the results of the special election.

A job site may elect a replacement representative at any time and will be responsible for notifying the Association President before the first meeting the new representative will attend.

Paragraph 3 - Meetings of the Representative Council

The Representative Council will meet once a month except then there is a general membership meeting.

Any member from the same job site, with written notice, may be seated by the Executive Board at any meeting as a substitute for the representative.

The Representative Council may call a general membership meeting on any issue that it deems necessary by a simple majority vote.

Paragraph 4 - Duties

Building representatives will attend monthly meetings of the Association and their vote will be expected to reflect the wishes of the majority of their constituency.

The representative shall call brief building meetings at least once monthly to discuss Association business and proposed agenda items for Representative Council meetings, to propose agenda items for council action and discuss action taken in enforcing the contract. He/she shall oversee subsequent election of the Building Representative(s) and other elections as required by the policies of the Association. The representative shall promote two-way Association communication within the building. He/she may organize building committees as necessary to expedite Association work.

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