Rehovot Branch

ESRA, the English Speaking Residents' Association of Israel, was founded in 1978.  It is an amuta, a non-profit organization, registered with the Israeli government.  The Rehovot branch came into existence in December 1999, and serves Rehovot and surrounding areas, including Bet Gamliel, Gan Yavne, Gedera, and Nes Ziona.
ESRA Rehovot's activities include lectures on various subjects, musical evenings, social events and an on-going Medical Forum.  All profits from our activities go to support our local projects and to the nationwide ESRA Community Fund.
We have adopted a Moadonit  for children at risk and Meshi, a sheltered workshop for people with mental disorders.
We sell the products of the Ethiopian Embroidery Group and other ESRA items such as cookbooks and resusable shopping bags, proceeds going to the ESRA Community Fund.
An ESRA book club, which meets monthly, is run by Rosalie,  08-949 4851.
For further information about ESRA Rehovot, contact Annice08-947 5510 or Joyce, 08-945 5283. 
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