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Players Profile

Ansar Choudhary (PAK)  :-  Known for his explosive batting and classy shots all around the wicket; technically a very sound batsman. His batting is a rare combination of aggression and grace. A classy top order batsman.

Zaheer Qureshi (PAK)   :-  Known for his aggressive batting, famous for his pull and hook shots. He is capable of destroying any bowling attack in Finland. He is  also the  captain of  Espoo CC. He can play the role of an aggressive opener or an attacking middle order batsmen equally well.

Sukhvinder Singh or Bobby (IND)  :-  Known for his skillful right arm medium fast bowling and explosive down order batting. He has a tendency to bring out his best in tight match situations. Bobby's this quality has won us numerous crunch matches. He is a genuine all-rounder from Punjab, who puts in 110%  each time he bats or bowls.

Tariq Sarfaraj (PAK)  :-  Famous for his skillful right arm fast bowling, he  can swing the bowl both ways. He is capable of deceiving any batsman with his pace and variations. He can hit humongous sixes when he is batting. He is a top bowling all-rounder for ECC.

Shahid Amin (PAK)  :-  Noted for his  accurate right arm medium bowling. He is capable of bowling in-swingers, out-singers, leg-cutters, off-cutters, slower-ones, deceptive bouncers etc. He is a useful lower order batter as well.

 Girish Sharma (IND) :-  Famous for his stylish and calm batting, in other words, he is Espoo's,  "THE WALL". He  is capable of building big partnerships in the middle order.  He is also a very handy off spinner.

Rupam chakraborthy (IND) :-  Noted for his technically correct batting, who can play long innings with ease. He is a solid opening batsman. Occasionally, he has also played the role of a wicket keeper for Espoo CC, equally good both in front of the wickets and behind the wickets.

Ghulam Shabbir (PAK)   :-  Famous for his classy  batting. His masterful strokes are treat to the eyes. He can attack or defend equally well as per the team's need. He is capable of bowling deceitful leggies as well.

Babar Sandhu (PAK)   :-  Known for his accurate right arm off spin bowling. He provides breakthroughs when we need it most desperately. As a tailender, he can provide useful contributions with the bat as well.

Rajesh N (IND)  :-  Noted for his good  wicket keeping skills.  He is quite handy with the bat as well; equally good both in front of the wickets and behind the wickets.

Ghulam Abbas (PAK) :- 
An aggressive, attacking and stylish right handed batsmen . He is more explosive than Shahid afridi, he had scored 100 runs in just 29 balls in T-20 league 2010 and He is a perfect offspinner he can beat any good batsmen with his perfect flight and well contolled spin and specially his googlies are breathtaking.