For Parents/Guardians

Please check the grades online.  I update the grade book on schoology weekly and this is the main mode of communication I have with parents.

Please make sure your child is checking the website and/or schoology specifically "calendario" when he/she is absent.  They will feel better prepared for class when they return and will be able to stay on top of their work when they are absent.

Don't wait until it's too late!  Students can also practice Spanish online click here a little each night.  Even ten minutes in the morning before school really does go a long way! 

If your child struggles, he/she should be working on something Spanish EVERY NIGHT.  It could be as simple as re-writing the vocabulary words we are working on, downloading additional handouts or re-doing worksheets we've already done, working extra online, make flashcards, re-write the notes, and listen to the song on the youtube.


**Test re-takes and test/quiz make-ups are appointment based. Please plan ahead.

Need Extra Help?
Don't wait until it's too late!  It is important that you check your grade online frequently, as I update the online grade book weekly.  

*Students can also drop in before school! (7-7:30).  I am not available on Tuesdays after school due to staff meetings.

Please come in with specific questions & show me that you have attempted your work.  When you walk in & say "I don't get it", you need to show me that you have at least tried something. ie: looking up words you don't know, writing the words down that you don't know, attempt to write a sentence, show proof of what you've done in class, do your homework, participate in class, etc.  If you have not done your homework and progressive practice in class, you will be behind.  It is ultimately your responsibility to do your work.

Parent Letter 2016-2017:

Dear Parent or Guardian,

¡Hola! and ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  I am Profesora Butler and I will be your child’s Spanish teacher over the next semester.  Parents play a crucial role in a child’s success in school and in my class, even if you may not know Spanish.  Here are some ways you can help your child be successful:

  • Have your child tell you three-five new words from Spanish class each day.
  • Ask about his/her homework.  Even if I have not assigned something, s/he could be re-writing notes, saying vocabulary out loud, practice flashcards, going to the textbook website for additional resources, etc.
  • Look at schoology, my website & in their binders.
  • Encourage your child to be proactive in obtaining missed work & coming in for help.
  • Enjoy Spanish-speaking television shows, movies, and music.  Did you know that many DVDs now have a Spanish language track?
  • Please check the online grade book and class website at least weekly.  There is a section for comments & this will be my main mode of communication with you!
  • Check the website monthly calendar, test re-take policy, study abroad opportunities, and college entrance requirements regarding world language.

One of the most critical reasons the class is taught mainly in Spanish is because the students need to have access to the language.  If they only have a small amount of time to be in Spanish class, it is important for them to spend the greatest amount of time possible hearing, seeing, and negotiating meaning in the target language.  It has been shown that even if students do not understand every word they will be slowly piecing together what they do know and problem solving.  I will be helping them make meaning of the language through gestures, visuals, a slower rate of speech and repetition.  If I am able to hold students to the expectations of staying in the target language, they will begin to expect it and be more comfortable in the long run.  It is important to see this as a process that happens over time and immediate results may not be obvious, but even in our first weeks together we will see significant gains in student understanding, and they will be tired because their brains will be working a lot! 


Thank you for your time.  I look forward to a great year!

Profe. Angela Butler

Test Retake Policy

Students who earn less than 70% on a test may retake the test.  These are the guidelines:


·         You must have less than 70% to qualify

·         You will retake the same test in most cases

·         You cannot earn more than 70% (i.e., even if you get 100% on the retake, it’s only worth 70% in the grade book).  

·         You have no more than 5 days to retake the test. --> each test re-take will have a due date.

·         You must conference with me prior to re-taking the test & we will determine your proof of study.  If you come in on your scheduled day to re-take the test without proof of study you will not be allowed to re-take the exam.  You cannot re-take an exam without talking to me first.

·         You must show me how you have studied to better prepare yourself (flashcards, re-write your notes, doing/re-doing pages in the core practice or grammar practice).

·         You must retake the test on your own time.  I am not available on Fridays before school.

·         Song quizzes, take-home quizzes, oral exams, exams at the end of the quarter & the final are exempt from this opportunity.


If you qualify and would like to re-take a test, talk to Profe. Butler.  If you do not show up to re-take your test on your scheduled date, you will not have the opportunity to re-take it.


 -Why study a foreign language?

-Using technology, what are some easy ways to experience the foreign language and culture without leaving the student’s own home town?

-How has the foreign culture influenced American society and vice versa?

-What are the similarities and differences between Spanish language vocabulary and English vocabulary?

-What are the similarities and differences between Spanish language grammar and English grammar?

-What are the similarities and differences between the Hispanic cultures and the American culture?

-What ways can I find to practice the foreign language beyond my high school experiences?

-How can Spanish benefit me as a future student and citizen?

-How should I consider using Spanish at the university level and beyond?

Angela Butler,
Jan 17, 2011, 7:51 AM