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Español 1: Review for Final Exam-

Access the google folder. * Remember that if you have specific questions about the tests that you need to come in for help before school!




Nombre ___________________________________ Hora ___________

·         Create an “All About Me” Presentation in a google slideshow (PowerPoint).

·         When in the PowerPoint presentation:

o    make sure that the font that you use is 36 or bigger

o   that the background is not too bright in color

o   Make sure that the pictures are big enough to be able to see them clearly

o   You can use animations, transitions, or any effects that you want, although I’m concerned more about the overall content of grammar and vocab than the animations.

5 puntos ____ Title Slide: Todo Sobre Mi and a Picture of you; Say your full name in

Spanish (pg. _____)

5 puntos ____ Slide 1: Show another picture of you or the same one from the title slide

and describe your personality [include adjectives] (pg. __________)

5 puntos____ Slide 2: Say where you are from using the correct format in Spanish (pg.


5 puntos ____ Slide 3: Say how old you are and say when your birthday is

(pg. ___ and pg. ___)

5 puntos ____ Slide 4-6: Using Possessive Adjectives (pg. ___) Include pictures of


members and say who they are and how they are related to you.

5 puntos ____ Slide 7: Say what class subject is your favorite one (pg. ___)

                         (“Mi clase favorite es ____)

5 puntos ____ Slide 8: Mention two activities that you like to do in the correct format

(pg. ___)

5 puntos _____ Slide 9: Mention the days and times when you do one of the above


(pg. ___)

10 puntos _____ Slide 10: Mention 3 things that you do after school or on the weekend

using the correct format (pg. ___) and use transitions (pg. ___)

(ir + a +infinitive)  

*Bonus* Include what you eat for breakfast and lunch in an additional slide or incorporate that into one of the other slides.

Total Score ___________

Teacher comments ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Helpful tips to get a good grade:

·         Make sure you write in complete sentences.  (subject + verb + rest of your sentence)

·         Use your voice when you write.

·         Use your vocabulary, packets & book as resources to help you!

·         Keep it simple and don’t go overboard trying to say things you haven’t learned.

·         Have fun with it and show your Spanish skills!