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posted May 24, 2010, 10:05 AM by LeeAnn Schrage

Here is a link to one of the videos .

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posted May 24, 2010, 10:02 AM by LeeAnn Schrage

Video projects are rolling!

posted May 18, 2010, 7:26 AM by LeeAnn Schrage

al final de mayo: Seniors!  My Spanish IV class is making final project videos this semester.  I have been surprised at how capable you are with the software we have, and how little you know about video editing.  I thought you all had had to make a LOT of videos in these 4 years.  You have made one in my class- Spanish II.  But you may not have done any more. 
As always, with projects that require editing, the end work falls on one computer/one person, but some groups are editing in shifts- which makes me very happy.  A sharing of knowledge has been AWESOME!  We've discovered some computers do have the most recent and more difficult version of IDVD where nothing needs to be saved, instead it uses a clip library.  It is much more difficult to edit, I think, on this version.  The older version was much simpler. 

We have also discovered video gets corrupted on the server, so we save on our cameras or the external harddrive that I have.  When they submit the videos I will post at least one for viewing....  they are due Monday....  I"m excited to see the results.  The students have had a lot of fun together inside and outside of class showing what they know about the things we have learned this semester.  Vocabulary, grammar, and culture especially of Spain and Chile. 

el mayo

posted Apr 29, 2010, 9:15 AM by LeeAnn Schrage

I have sent the descriptor for the last letter to the students.  They will send it out before the end of the year.  A few are getting replies again, Easter week is over, so that's good.
My older students haven't gotten many replies at all.  My younger ones a few.  It's making me think I should reconsider this part of the assignment for next semester, unless I can find a teacher that will make it mandatory or has more access to computers than what I have worked with... 

I should also make a big deal about each one received and read it out loud to the class, but to a certain extent it is a private exchange.  It's really difficult to conceptualize of how the future will work, when the present has just been OK.  The motivational power at the beginning is awesome, but the drop off rate is pretty big when they don't get letters back.

So...  thinking about a blog....  need to post five times a semester? 10 times?  I like 10 times.  But I don't know what the other teacher will "request"? 
If it's just us asking questions out into cyberspace again......  If we could only send them computers!  and time!

Midterm has come and gone.

posted Apr 19, 2010, 2:31 PM by LeeAnn Schrage

My students are waning on wanting to write.  NO responses from other student really makes it laborious to write.  Even just 5 seems preposterous.  
Bummer.  Next year Marta and I plan to try a blog where we can talk publicly about topics that are of interest to us.  Her students are not posting to her blog as she wishes they would.  MIne are doing OK, but I have a grade hanging over their heads.  She does not.  

I can't imagine teaching using only a final exam for a grade. 

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posted Mar 28, 2010, 2:58 PM by LeeAnn Schrage

The lesser number of required letters has eased stress, but the frustration of the students who aren't recieving emails is really high.  They don't understand why their Epal doesn't write.  How can I improve this? 

ON the flip side, I am planning to collaborate with one of the teachers from Spain to develop a blog among ourselves and the students in our classes next year so they can see quicker results to their posts.  We hope.  We've chosen a website, the teacher is Spain is familiar with how to use it, she has sent me the training materials, so I will see if it suits me.  BTW they are in Spanish!!! So I will be learning!!!! 

ALSO this semester began a new adventure in grading/teaching.  I am now investigating and developing two things.  1. Standards based grading for my classrooms.  2. Assessing for learning or Formative assessment.
Problems I am facing:
1. no state standards to use
2. lack of collegial support among foreign language professionals
3. wondering how I will approach formative assessment.  Will I assess Reading/Writing/Listening and Speaking all separately? 
Will each standard have four parts?  Or what? 
4. Will students actually prioritize learning because they can see what they don't know yet? 

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posted Feb 7, 2010, 7:42 PM by LeeAnn Schrage

Ya llegó el primer día de mandar las cartas a los Epals. 
The first day of sending letters to our epals has come and gone.  Some have sent their first letters.  Not many, just some.  They will mail at least 5 this semester.  I don't know how soon they will get them sent, perhaps next Thursday will be the first real round.  I'm hoping that some getting responses will encourage the rest to write.  

still designing next semester

posted Jan 8, 2010, 7:00 AM by LeeAnn Schrage

Marta and I decided on 5 topics to discuss for next semester.  This way we don't have to email weekly- reducing frustration- and hopefully getting more confidence from our students.  She chose 3 topics, I chose 2, and I wrote up these explanations for the students in English.  A constant question I ask myself is ?Should everything be in Spanish all the time?  Am I robbing them of educational opportunity if everything is in Spanish?  or Am I robbing them of educational opportunity MORE if everything is in English?  I don't know the answer.  We always said "Keep your objectives in mind."  My objectives for epals are 1. to write in Spanish to an actual person.  2. to learn about the lives of others in another country. 
So, I guess all the materials don't have to be in Spanish, but it adds a level of task achievement to read the instructions in Spanish IF they try. Hopefully the link below will show you our topics and about what we will exchange letters. 

Reconceptualizing for next semester

posted Dec 23, 2009, 3:35 PM by LeeAnn Schrage   [ updated Dec 23, 2009, 4:13 PM ]

reconceptualizing the use of email communication.  Since there are limits to technology access AND irresponsible students that don't email weekly on both sides, people are disappointed.  Next semester we will create some cultural websearches to pursue together, instead of just writing letters. 
We will try to recommend songs/bands to them and they to us.  I will have beginners and Spanish IV so that the language skills will really be diverse. 
I am hoping that the beginners are more compatible with those learning English in Spain.  It's difficult all around to learn about culture, I guess. 
I was really proud of our project: Solon.  My students really rose to the occasion and produced some beautiful, illustrative powerpoints and videos for their ePals.  I got an email from an adminstrator at ePals asking for some example unit, I tried to email it to her, but it was refused.  I don't think I will 
try again, simply because of frustration with the whole process at this moment.  I can't believe the little quirks are getting to me, but they are. 
There has got to be a different system with less little quirks. Maybe I will just email the text instead of the attachments.  I think it is a good idea, so I will share it. 

ok I tried it again, the first piece went through. 

Reflexive verbs intersect with subjunctive and technology

posted Dec 16, 2009, 1:55 PM by LeeAnn Schrage

Technology pops into my classroom now with a frequency unpredicted.  I made an assignment for students to advertise a product for health/cleanliness.  The students invented things like shampoo that cuts your hair for you, Lotion that grows hair or a beard, hairdryer that cuts your hair, perfume that attracts men/women.  They used various programs to create a bottle/dispenser design model for their magazine ads.  One also created a video commercial, rather than having to present in front of the class!  It just happens naturally.  The students are not given a requirement to use the computer to design, instead they choose to use it, and come out with a very nice, sometimes much neater and more creative product.  
They used our latest grammar to design their ads, which is verbs like "to wash oneself" "to put on".  
We then used these ads to "sell" the product to the Spanish IV class.  In Spanish IV we used the subjunctive structures we are learning to make "testimonios" about the products.  They chose to two talk about, after reading all the ads.  They chose to pretend they used them and tell us what they thought about the results
It was hilarious fun!  They said things like : I think that everyone should use this product.  It removed all my hair!  I can't recommend this to women. 
I used it and on Monday I got a guy, on Wednesday another....  They really enjoyed seeing their friends' work, and they created scenarios for practicing their grammar structure.  

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