College Readiness Program Guidelines

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The Espanola TechHub Scholars Program is available to students participating in approved college readiness programs. If your school/area has a program that you believe meet the criteria below, please submit the informational request for your program to be reviewed for inclusion in the Espanola TechHub Scholars Program.

College readiness program requirements:

  • Reaches students in the academic middle, underserved populations, or first generation college students
  • Academic preparation through rigorous coursework, AP courses, IB programs, dual enrollment, college admissions preparation, academic workshops, and meetings to improve students’ academic readiness for college
  • Financial preparation through completion of the FAFSA, financial aid education, application assistance
  • Philosophy of not relying on the “numbers” but rather a focus on non-cognitive evaluation
  • Personal preparation of student for college through mentoring/advising
  • Begins working with students no later than junior year
  • Meetings/programs with students and advisors no less than monthly during school year
  • Sufficient data indicating success of program
  • Ability to be replicated at other schools/locations