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Synergistically empower disadvantaged students to resource scalable high-impact economic development in rural and low-income communities.


Bridge college preparedness and college retention gap for disadvantaged students by increasing mathematics knowledge through tutoring, project-based learning, and applications.


1. Mathematics Prep

  • Math Circles for in-service and pre-service teachers and for students.
  • Prepare students to test into college algebra, the first regular college credit math class
  • Train students to achieve a math score of 20 or above on the ACT
  • Prepare students to take AP (Advanced Placement)  tests
  • Increase students' academic confidence
  • Prepare students in a culturally-competent environment that values student and community strengths

2. Applied STEM for Teachers and Students
  • Classroom technologies
  • Programming courses
  • Robotics
  • Makerspace