Rúbrica de presentación oral # 2

FINAL ORAL EXAM (presentación)


  • Accuracy of speech (present; preterit/imperfect; ser/estar; subjunctive/indicative/infinitive)
    1. Target grammar structures not used
    2. Frequent mistakes (focuses on few structures, very repetitive)
    3. Some mistakes (focuses on some structures, a little repetitive)
    4. Few mistakes (focuses on a variety of structures)
    5. (Almost) no mistakes on targeted structures (uses all structures)


  • Pronunciation
    1. Very difficult to understand
    2. Some mistakes and some difficulty in understanding
    3. Almost no mistakes, easy to follow


  • Vocabulary (traveling, transportation, family, health, food, sports, leisure activities)

1.   Inappropriate or missing (uses English at times)

2.    Poor but appropriate (uses very basic vocabulary)

3.    Simple and appropriate (varied vocabulary from a variety of topics)

4.    Precise, appropriate and rich (uses targeted vocabulary)


  • Fluency and overall communicative ability in Spanish
    1. Communication is not happening, broken speech
    2. Acceptable exchange of information, occasional hesitation
    3. Effective communication, natural pauses
  • Organization

                  1. Disorganized and incomplete.

                    2. Organized but with some missing parts, short.

                   3. Well organized, clear ideas and complete.


  • Creativity, attention to cultural aspects
    1. Creative, attention to cultural aspects/ appropriate research/information
    2. Good selection of slides



TOTAL                        /20






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25 jul. 2012 14:08