Esoteric or Spiritual Books

Books I found valuable to read.                                                                                                   Deutsch

 This page may, in the future, may contain furhter esoteric or spiritual books which have helped the author on his way or which he findes worth mentioning. The English and the German lists are not necessarily identical.

Disclaimer: Each being has to choose by intutition or whatever means suits him best his way or how to reach the Great Aim, which may only be the Realization of what already is. To this end, he might feel the impulse, to read books as well.

Better, of course, to feel or better yet to be stillness, than to read about stillness. But for those who believe they cannot, books might give impulses or be a tool they could consider useful.

Anyhow: be careful about what you chose. My way may not be your way, although everything might be ONE. The author of this page does not take any responsibility whatsoever for how the information given here are used. He is free from that.

Furthermore, I would like to stress that I do not necessarily agree with everything that is said in the books or texts which are listed below, be it recommended or otherwise. 


The List:

May be coming later. Or not. Who knows ? Already here is, nevertheless:

ITwo of the books I would recommend most to those, who feel they should give it a try or at least are open, today are

- the books by Eckhard Tolle (

Such a silence to be felt - feel it, among or through the words !

Nevertheless, I would like to explain that I do not agree with everything he says. I, for example, deem eternal life (see e. g. Taoism, Daoism et. al. for possible ways)  possible.


- the works of Merrell - Wolff (I have got, int. al., his book "Experience and Philosophy", containing "Paceways Through to Space"  (see e. g.

I have started in a more "traditional" way, though. Writing poetry from almost since I was able to write in the current incarnation, many of my first poems seemed to be rather Christian. I also thought about what would happen if we realized the truth of what is - would "we" vanish,  the world fall apart ?

I looked into parapsychology.  I loved Kyber, but also many other works. My grandmather had, without my consciously knowing it, then, knowledge of some theosophical stuff.

It was only during my studies at universities, that I started to dive more fully into philosophical (well, wanted to write "theosophical", but...) literature. 

"Initiation" by Elisabeth Haich. The Authobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. The books by Daskalos. The Theosophists (not all, but... ).

The Indian sages. (Hopefully the right ones...)

Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism.

Books by Mantak Chia and Master Ni. 

 More that could be told. Maybe later - or not.

Let us remain free.