The ESONET NoE project is over, this site activity should resume in a hopefully not too remote future! In the meantime the information will remain on-line with basic maintenance tasks.

This site is a forum and document sharing space dedicated to the communication and dissemination of GEOSS recommendations, lessons learned, and other concepts of relevance to ESONET objectives. In particular, this site is a communication space for ESONET WP1 and WP2 GEOSS-related aspects. Among other aims, it will be a working tool for WP2 Task e) Contribution to GEOSS standardisation and implementation activities

  • Background, Description of Work

While ESONET WP1 and WP2 focus on complementary aspects of observatory networking, standardisation and interoperability, ESONET Task 2e) is specifically dedicated to GEOSS related issues in particular the policies and rules developed within GEOSS that deal with standardization and interoperability issues. While task 2a merely addresses technical implementation aspects this task will have a more strategic orientation.  As a first step it will be necessary to make the GEOSS community aware of ongoing activities within ESONET and other ocean related projects to foster the role of ocean related monitoring in earth observation programs. A strategy how to feed in the collected data in the right format together with the required metadata has to be developed so that ESONET becomes GEOSS compatible.

Recent archive updates

  • Deliverable_D35_report_2.0.doc   717k - 11 Dec 2010, 04:12 by Eric Delory (v2)
    ‎D35 Recommendations for ESONET registration in GEOSS ‎
  • Deliverable_D72_ESONET_SensorRegistry_1.0.doc   5321k - 11 Dec 2010, 04:10 by Eric Delory (v4)
    ‎ESONET Sensor Registry - This document presents the initial toolsets developed by ESONET in response to the interoperability requirements for sensor discovery and metadata registration of ESONET observatories sensors ‎
  • Article on Ocean Observing Systems Harmoization from ESONET partners in Earthzine   0k - 18 Sep 2010, 14:08 by Eric Delory (v1)
    ‎This article provides a review of some initiatives of global and local focus that give an overview of the application of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) guidelines to ocean observatories. The authors address real scenarios in real ocean observing facilities–the European Seas Observatory Network, the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observation (ESONET-EMSO), the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) infrastructure and deep sea observatory in the Canary Islands, and the Expandable Seafloor Observatory (OBSEA) shallow water Western-Mediterranean observatory of the Technical University of Catalonia. Joaquín del Rio and Eric Delory, posted on September 14th, 2010‎
  • GEOSS Interoperability Workshop 2009 12th and 13th of November   0k - 10 Apr 2010, 02:17 by Eric Delory (v1)
    ‎Notes taken from the meeting by ESONET representative‎
  • Oceans_Interoperability_Experiment_ED.pdf   0k - 31 May 2009, 11:00 by Eric Delory (v1)
    ‎ESONET Presentation at GEOSS workshop, Oceans 09 Bremen, on the Oceans Interoperability Experiment‎
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Regular visits to GEOSS workshops (STC, ADC and workshops organized by according tasks) and presentation of concepts and achievements of the ESONET project will ensure that deep ocean environmental data and the derived information collected within the ESONET NoE and follow up projects can be made available in a timely fashion and following the policies and rules recommended by GEO. The following activities will be pursued:
  • Activities
The following activities will be pursued and reflected on this site
  1. Follow-up on GEOSS tasks in regard to standardization and interoperability
  2. Participation in GEOSS workshops
  3. Dissemination of GEOSS concepts within ESONET and other workshops (Best Practices Workshop)
  4. Creation of an ESONET/GEO Forum
  5. Surveying ESONET Node
  • On-line forum (Status: active, started August 2010)
If you wish to participate to our discussion on the above matters you can submit a request for subscription to our on-line forum explaining us your interest and background.

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