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Research Tutorials

Do you need help with your Research Paper?  Take a look at the videos below for help.  And, as always, ask your classroom teacher or librarian if you need additional help.

Working with Your Topic

Narrow Your Topic

Narrowing Your Topic

Create a Topic that's not too Broad or too Narrow

Choose a Topic

How to write a Main Idea and Thesis Statement for your paper

Main Idea and Thesis Statement

Using Sources
Primary vs Secondary Sources

Primary vs Secondary Sources

See the supplemental chart attached at the bottom of this webpage taken from Concordia University Texas Library's Webpage.

Website Evaluation

Use the videos below to help you understand the criteria for choosing websites to use for a research project.

Internet Skills 1: How to evaluate a website

Website Evaluation Skills

Determining Website Credibility

Website Credibility

Internet Skills 2: Using the Internet to Jumpstart Research

Use the Internet to Jump Start Research

Internet Skills 3: How to Use the Internet to Find Scholarly Material

Finding Scholarly Material

Time to Write Your Paper

Using MLA Format (Paper and Citation Help)

Bibliography Guidelines

Using Microsoft Word Bibliography Feature

Guidelines for a Bibliography

Don't forget, you can also use Easybib.com to help you create a formatted Bibliography.
A handout with the guidelines is attached at the bottom of the webpage.  As always, see
 Ms. Esola if you have any questions.

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