About us

The Environmental Student Organization is a group of diverse Sac State students who are committed to educating the campus and surrounding community on important environmental issues and to actively improving our environment with an emphasis on sustainability. 

Our mission is to educate the CSUS campus on current environmental issues and to spread environmental awareness within the community. We are a non-partisan group and welcome all who are interested or concerned about our ecological community. We are about establishing connections, applying the concept of sustainability through a multi- disciplinary approach, building a strong and equitable coalition, having fun, and getting things done. All students are welcome regardless of major!

ESO is involved in activism, community events and organizing, volunteering, environmental education, and group outings. By actively participating in sustainable research and technology, ESO is committed to fostering a creative setting for any and all students interested in collaborating on and designing projects that reduce our impact on the environment.

                                        What we do

                        • Trash Cleanups

                        • Documentary Screenings

                        • Tree Plantings

                        • Other Volunteer Opportunities

                        • Study Group

                        • No mandatory commitment or club fees!