Welcome to the IEP & ESL Tutoring Services Website!

The IEP & ESL Tutoring Services are sponsored by the Intensive English Program (IEP) through the Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL. We serve students enrolled in the IEP and also all GSU students whose first language is not English.

We can assist you with: 
  • Reviewing reading material from a class you are taking
  • The writing process - we can give you feedback, advice, and assistance as you write and edit your writing*
  • Speaking fluency and conversation 
  • Listening skills 
  • Vocabulary building
  • Spelling
  • TOEFL or IELTS preparation - it helps if you bring the study materials and skill(s) you want to focus on during session
If there is something else you would like assistance with, you can bring it to the tutor. 

NOTE: Tutors do not edit or proofread writing, but they will guide you towards improving your writing yourself. 

Where we are located: 
The 2nd floor of Library North in the Learning Commons. The tutors work in the study rooms on the 2nd floor. When you arrive for your appointment, look at the door of room N273 to see which room your tutor is in that day. 

The tutors are graduate students from the Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL. This semester, the tutors are: Janice Bernhart, Anthony Dahlen, Jan Ferrara, Lauren Garcia, Rachel Herman, Sara Khalili Tehrani, Ben Pinkasovic, Monique Pooni, Wade Samford, Camille Williams

How to make an appointment: 
You need to go to this website to make an appointment: http://gsu.mywconline.com/
Click here to find instructions for registering & logging into WCOnline, the tutoring appointment website.