Simi Valley Adult School ESL Technology Lab

Using Technology to Enhance Language Learning

Study English online using these pages. (Click here for links.)

These programs are available for student use.

 Teachers will present directed lessons and then students can practice using the software provided.  See descriptions for programs available.   

Oxford Picture Dictionary

Students need a 3.5 floppy disk to use the program.  Log in using the name Picture Dictionary on the disk. The password is esl. Students do not need to create a new name.  Students will see pictures, listen to words and read the words of a particular vocabulary unit.  Once they are familiar with a unit, they click on activities at the bottom of the page.  Here they can play games and practice using the words they learned. 

Pronunciation Power

By reviewing the phonetic sounds and symbols the program allows students to listen to and record words with each sound.  The program provides access to sounds, so students can listen to and repeat words with the sign in the beginning, middle and end of each word.  Students should click on EXERCISES at the top of the page. Students may record their own voice to  compare with the sounds they study on the computer.  Voice recording is easy by clicking on the red circle at the bottom center of the page.  Students must click the dark square to stop recording.  The bottom screen then switches to show play or stop, to allow student review.  Students can progress to Comparative words, STAIR, sentences, etc. as they advance with their lesson.  Students can work individually or in pairs as they improve their pronunciation.

English Discoveries

Students first choose their level from the left side of the menu bar. Then, students select their native language from the desktop menu to be used as a resource dictionary during their study.  The password is esl for this program. Students will choose a topic to study from the opening menu.  This program allows students to "Explore" vocabulary, then "Practice" what they have learned.  They can click on translate or dictionary for support in the native language dictionary they selected before signing on. In the practice mode, students can listen, read, and  write using the vocabulary they have studied.  After sufficient practice, students can take a quiz to measure their comprehension.  Students can continue by choosing a new topic.

Grammar Mastery

This is a resourceful tool for studying Grammar. It is a basic study guide using Grammar rules and providing study tools with practice for the students.  The program allows students to study in all levels of Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced ESL stages.

English For All

This is a video based course of study.  Students watch a sequential video series and follow the screen through comprehension excercises.  Students can log in as a Visitor or guest to access the video and lessons.  There are no passwords. 

Watch English for All Videos

 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

This program will teach students to type, improve their accuracy and typing speed.  There are activities which utilize a dictation function, allowing students to combine listening skills with language and typing abilities.

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