ESLP/AttLis 2019

August 28-30, 2019


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

This year, Embodied and Situated Language Processing (ESLP) and The Attentive Listener in the Visual World (AttLis) will be combined into a single three-day conference taking place in Berlin, Germany, and it will be organized by the the university's psycholinguistics group.

The conference combines the twelfth ESLP, which focuses on the interaction between language and sensorimotor processing across disciplines and methods, and the sixth AttLis, which focuses on language processing in the context of rich visual contexts.

This joint conference will have two foci:

socially situated language processing: How does the social and cultural environment influence language processing? What is the time course of integration for social cues / socially relevant contextual information? Which linguistic phenomena can benefit from a socially situated analysis? What is the effect of socially situated cues of speaker meaning (e.g., eye-gaze, facial expression) on language comprehension? What is the effect of characteristics of a speaker / comprehender that signal group membership (e.g., register, social status, etc.) on (real-time) language understanding? How can we integrate the social and cultural context into our theories and computational models of language processing?


language-vision interactions examined using the Visual World Paradigm: How can this paradigm help us further our understanding of language processing as well as its interaction with other cognitive abilities? What are suitable methods to analyze data generated with this paradigm? What current modifications of the paradigm are being used to study (socially) situated language processing?

Research related specifically to these topics is especially encouraged and welcomed for submission, though submissions on topics traditionally associated with both AttLis and ESLP are also welcomed. Click here for more information on past Attlis conferences and here for more information on past installments of ESLP. We additionally encourage top junior researchers and students to submit their work.

We expect all conference participants to abide by the code of conduct of the Cognitive Science Society, which is available here. Any violation of this code can be reported to the organizing committee of ESLP/AttLis either in person or via E-Mail to

Organizing committee:

Camilo Rodríguez Ronderos1

Daniela Palleschi1,2,3

Katja Münster 1

HuongThi Thu Nguyen1

Aine Ito1

Pia Knoeferle1,2,3

1. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin2. Berlin School of Mind and Brain3. Einstein Center for Neuroscience Berlin


Foto in header by Heike Zappe, used under a creative commons license