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Chinese Resources

Christian Communications Inc. of Canada (for Mainland Chinese material)

3880 Midland Ave. Units 2-4
Scarborough, ON M1V 5K4
Ph: (416) 297-6540 Fax: (416) 297-6675 Email: ccic@ccican.com

Agape Christian Supplies

#242, 328 - Centre St. SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4X6
(The store is the second floor of the Dragon City Mall on 4th ST. SE across from the Bank of Montreal.)
Ph: 262-8633

(Mostly Cantonese/Traditional Script supplies, including bilingual Bibles, but also some (even free) Mandarin/Simplified Script Bibles and other literature.)

It's True (Bilingual Series)

Mr. Gideon Zhao
315 Shau Kei Wan Road
1/F, Hong Kong

Ambassadors for Christ Mainland Chinese literature ministry 

We have "More Than A Carpenter" in Chinese, usually in good quantities. The suggested donation amount is presently $1.50 each plus shipping. We usually keep a few on hand in English as well, primarily for those who need an English copy to know better the contents of the Chinese edition, but we would not have 15 now.

We have several new things in simplified script Chinese and hope to get out a special list of them soon. One that is very popular and effective with the educated Mainland Chinese is the book, _Why I Would Not Become a Christian_, by Fan Xuede. We had a limited quantity some time ago and Chinese readers were eager to get them.

Fan Xuede is a graduate of the top party school in China. He became a Christian and attended Moody Bible Institute. This book documents the struggles many in and from China face as they consider Christianity, but he also gives the solutions he found. For those who have been given the most effective book for top intellectuals, _Song of a Wanderer_, it is a good choice as an additional book. It is more political, however, so more thought should be used as to whether it is appropriate for the person in question.

You can see our website for many other things in Chinese, though some of the newer things are not yet shown there.

We encourage you also to make known the website www.life316.org where _Song of a Wanderer_ and some other good choices for educated Mainland Chinese can be read online. There is help in English there of the materials available. We have prepared a handout for this site. You can write to goodreading@springmail.com with the request for a copy of this handout which can serve as a master to make many copies. You can send this on to Mainland Chinese you know. Many will then send it on by e-mail to where these materials are less available with a great impact made among the intellectuals.

Other Websites: 

http://www.cbible.net -simplified Chinese Bible on line.

http://www.ccfamily.org (Christian Communication)

http://www.ccfellow.org (Christian Team)

http://www.ccim.org (Chinese Christian Internet Mission)

http://www.ccintl.com (Christian Communication International, Canada)

http://ibs.org.hk (Interactive Bible Society Hong Kong website)

http://www.o-bible.com/ (Chinese and English Bible Online)

https://www.wordproject.org/bibles/parallel/d/chinese.htm (Chinese and English Parallel Bible)

https://listen.talkingbibles.org/en/language/cmn (Mandarin Chinese Bible - Listen Online)

http://skc.hkcccc.org/skc-ls02-audiobible.htm (Cantonese Audio Bible Union Version)

http://www.biblica.com/bible/online-bible/ccb/ (Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) - Online Bible)

http://mygets.org/articles.php?id=140 (an introduction to different Chinese translations of the Bible)

http://www.ccbiblestudy.org/ (Chinese Bible Study and Commentary Website)

http://www.letsfollowjesus.org/daily/all-year.php (Chinese Daily Devotional Materials)

http://traditional-odb.org/ (Our Daily Bread Chinese version)

http://www.heraldmonthly.ca/newspaper/web/ (Herald Monthly Chinese Christian Newspaper)

http://www.torontostm.com/?page_id=848 (Truth Monthly Chinese Christian Newspaper)