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Bible Versions

Suggested Easy English Versions, on-line:

  1. http://www.easyenglish.bible : The EasyEnglish version
  2. http://ebible.org/web : There is also the Bible in Worldwide English:
  3. http://www.ibs.org/bibles/nirv/index.php The New International Reader's Version:
  4. http://www.ibs.org/niv/famouspassages.php
  5. http://www.wbtc.com/site/PageServer?pagename=main_downloads_english Easy-to-Read Version in PDF files
  6. http://kenanderson.net/bible/html/icb.html : NCV--International Children's Bible, written just for kids, aged nine to twelve.
  7. http://www.godsword.org : GOD'S WORD
  8. http://www.o-bible.com/bbe.html; " a simple form of the English language with a vocabulary of fewer than 1000 words" ... but the syntax is not so 'simple.'

Some sites that compare English Bible versions:

Bible search site: Bible Gateway http://www.biblegateway.com can search on English and other language translations

International Bible Society Website: http://www.ibs.org

"Find-a-Bible"The Forum of Bible Agencies International (IFOBA) recently launched this new website that gives easy access to scripture in more than three thousand languages. Find-a-Bible is the first centralized global resource that provides access to the many scripture products available around the world. With just the name of a language, a user can now access a simple search to find existing products in that language.

 Multi-Language Media

PO Box 301, Ephrata, PA 17522; 717/738-0592 or www.multilanguage.com
Excellent catalogue of literature in various languages, including scriptures in most languages available.

Chinese Audio Bible CD-ROM -- The Chinese Ministry at Lutheran Hour Ministries has just completed the "Chinese Audio Bible CD-ROM" which contains the standard Mandarin reading of the whole Bible in Chinese. The CD-ROM can be played on computers with browser software or MP3 compatible players. The table of contents will be displayed automatically when the CD is loaded so that readers can choose any book to listen to. To request a free copy, please visit the following link: http://www.luthasia.net/china/cbible.html or email your name and address to: asianmin@lhmint.org.

Living Water Christian Books and Materials
Talk with Manny Jasus--a great guy who is not as concerned about making a sale as he is in finding what YOU need!! 1-800-586-4987 books@livingwater-books.com

Here's a couple of addresses and phone #s that might be useful for getting Korean Bibles:

Cross Family Book & Gift
1248 The Queensway

Etobicoke, Ont. M8Z 1S2
Phone# (416) 255-2767
Fax# (416) 255-2824

Emmaus Christian Shop
1661 Kingsway Vancouver B.C. V5N 2S2
Phone# (604)876-4441
Home Phone# (604) 430-4581