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Bible Versions

Suggested Easy English Versions, on-line:

  1. http://www.easyenglish.bible : The EasyEnglish version
  2. http://ebible.org/web : There is also the Bible in Worldwide English:
  3. http://www.ibs.org/bibles/nirv/index.php The New International Reader's Version:
  4. https://www.bibleleague.org/bible-downloads/ Easy-to-Read Version in PDF files 
  5. http://kenanderson.net/bible/html/icb.html : NCV--International Children's Bible, written just for kids, aged nine to twelve.
  6. http://www.o-bible.com/bbe.html; " a simple form of the English language with a vocabulary of fewer than 1000 words" ... but the syntax is not so 'simple.'

Some sites that compare English Bible versions:

Bible search site: Bible Gateway http://www.biblegateway.com can search on English and other language translations

International Bible Society Website: http://www.ibs.org

 Multi-Language Media

PO Box 301, Ephrata, PA 17522; 717/738-0592 or www.multilanguage.com
Excellent catalogue of literature in various languages, including scriptures in most languages available.

Living Water Christian Books and Materials
Talk with Manny Jasus--a great guy who is not as concerned about making a sale as he is in finding what YOU need!! 1-800-586-4987 books@livingwater-books.com

Here's a couple of addresses and phone #s that might be useful for getting Korean Bibles:

Cross Family Book & Gift
1248 The Queensway

Etobicoke, Ont. M8Z 1S2
Phone# (416) 255-2767
Fax# (416) 255-2824

Emmaus Christian Shop
1661 Kingsway Vancouver B.C. V5N 2S2
Phone# (604)876-4441
Home Phone# (604) 430-4581