About Karin Vogel



     My name is Karin Vogel, and I am an ELL Teacher working as the CESU ELL Tutor.  While I am new to CESU this school year I am well familiar with the needs of ELL students in Vermont.  Over the course of the past 10 years I have been serving ELL students primarily in rural school settings.  Providing adequate ELL services to students in rural schools can be challenging.  In one given day it is not uncommon for me to travel between 4 or 5 schools.  One individual school may only have one or two ELL students.  This can lead to a sense of linguistic and cultural isolation for ELL students.  I have found, however, CESU to be an extremely welcoming and supportive environment for ELL students.  There is a high level of interest to raise cultural and linguistic awareness within the district, and celebrate diversity. On a daily basis many opportunities unfold throughout the different schools within the district.

    On a more personal level, I became an ELL Teacher because of my own family background growing up.  I grew up in a bilingual family, as well as had a relative who was Deaf and a teacher of the Deaf.  I first became a teacher working with Deaf students, second an Interpreter for the Deaf, and third an ELL teacher.  

    My interests include: growing water lilies, working at my nursery in the summer, drawing, swimming, spending time with my daughter, and reading cultural novels.  I greatly enjoy serving the ELL students within the CESU district, and look forward to meeting you.


Karin Vogel