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Doing your homework regularly and on time is the key to success in any class.   In order to receive a grade and pass ESL 201, you must complete 80% of all homework assignments  . Your final grade will be based on the average of all grades you receive for formal writing assignments plus your grades on the review tests, including the Mid-term and Final tests.)
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Grammar in Context pages 1-5. Read the stories on page 2 and 3 again. Review our vocabulary list. Then do exercises 1,2,3.  Study the explanation box before each exercise before you try the exercise. 

 2-1-16 2 WRITING JOURNAL Write a description of your mother. At least 1/2 page  

for example: Height, weight, appearance, special qualities, character,  talents, what is most important for her etc. 


 2-1-16 3

Grammar in Context  pages 8-13 exercises 5-13

 2-3-16 4 Grammar in Context  pages 14-20 exercises Ex 14-21

  heads up! Study for review quiz on Wednesday - vocabulary from week 1
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