Poems questioning animals

In Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?, Kenneth Koch (240-41) presents the idea of having children question a creature. In my classes, we used the poem "Snail" by John Drinkwater from Allan Wolf's text It's Show Time: Poetry from the Page to the Stage to begin our poetry exploration. After having read and recited the poem for a week, I told the students to think of an animal with which they would like to converse and to ask that animal at least 4 questions. The poem's structure would be question/answer so each time they asked a question, the animal would answer. The title would, of course, be the name of the animal. I said that they could make the poems serious as if the animal were answering truthfully or silly as if the animal made crazy or unrealistic responses. A few of the students' poems follow:
Eduardo, 4th grade
Gloria, 3rd grade
Daisy, 3rd grade
Taylor, 2nd grade