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Students are talking about Adult Education:

  • Miryam - from Brazil "Adult Education has given me an opportunity that I never had before.  I have been studying English for almost fourteen months, where I have learned spelling, reading, comprehension and grammar.  All that I learned there has helped me to update my resume, and now I am looking for a job where one day I can to offer my knowledge and fourteen years of experience in my career as a business administrator.  I believe Adult Education has an amazing program for opening doors to people that never have the chance to study English in their country."   
    Posted Dec 2, 2016, 11:37 AM by ESL Division PAACE
  • Amal - from Morroco "Have a dream and goals? It is easy to achieve with Adult Education.  I was wondering how I can begin my new life in a new country totally different from where I was born, but my fear faded the first day I came to the AIU Adult Education School. They helped me to improve my English and set up my goals for the future. This friendly and welcoming environment assisted me until I achieved my goals. Now I am speaking English and I have a good job, all the respect and the grateful to them.   Thank you."
    Posted Dec 2, 2016, 11:35 AM by ESL Division PAACE
  • Dayanne - from Columbia  "Adult Education has helped me improve my English Level.  Classes are very dynamic and educational.  The content is exactly what I need as an ESL student.  This program will help me open new doors to get a new job or start in a college."  
    Posted Dec 2, 2016, 11:37 AM by ESL Division PAACE
  • Cinthya - from Argentina I am Cinthya from Argentina.  I am writing this letter to tell about how much Adult Education has helped me. First I want to express to you that this school has done many things for me.  For example: -Now I can understand more of the culture in the US, so I have a foundation to adapt into American life. -The class has helped me to read a pay stab, a job application, an apartment rental ad, a medical history form and many other things that are necessary for daily life. -The school has also given me many tools for my future job.  They have helped me prepare a resume, prepare a cover letter and informed me of the important questions ...
    Posted Dec 2, 2016, 11:22 AM by ESL Division PAACE
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