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 Voki gives practice with a variety of speaking or listening skills.  Students can practice speaking by calling the phone number and leaving a message or using a built in microphone. Students can listen to a Voki as well. 
Assignment #1:  Practice speaking
Give your students a speaking assignment where they narrate something about themselves. Then have them record their narrations as a Voki. 

Assignment #2:  Create a Voki and post it to your blog or web page

Have the Voki tell the students their assignment and then have the students respond in the blog or by making their own Voki. 

How is Voki Useful?

When you are teaching a new language to students, one of the most important steps to fluency is practice with oral language.  Often students do not have someone at home with whom to practice who is a fluent speaker of the language.  Voki can provide an easy option for providing this practice because:
  • It allows the professor or students to record up to 60 seconds of oral language at a time.
  • A computer with a microphone is all that is needed to record
  • Voki is embeddable in any web page.
  • The site has Lesson Plans

Ideas for using Voki

Getting Started with Voki

Creating a Voki

You do not need an account to create a Voki unless you want to edit your creation.  Follow the sites steps to create your first Voki.