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We will organize English Presentation Award again at ESJ62. The information will be updated at the following website.


2014.01.19 (Reminder for speakers including guest speakers)

The deadline for TWO important processes is approaching (4th Feb). Please check the file. http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/~tksmiki/ESJ_data/abst_deadline_final.docx

Thank you very much for your interest in ESJ61 English Presentation Award.

The English Presentation Award is planned and organized by English Presentation Award (EPA) Working Group at ESJ611 to promote scientific communication in English at ESJ annual meeting, and to provide an opportunity to share scientific ideas with international students and researchers in Japan. The EPA working group gives students and early career members an opportunity to gain experience in scientific communication, particularly experience that will be useful in international meetings.Talks will be scheduled in 15-minute time slots (12 minutes for presentation and three minutes for discussion).

The schedule for English Presentation Award is open.We will have 7 speakers.  Please visit the following "Final Program".

The following is the summary timetable for ESJ61 English Presentation Award.


Additional information will be updated at this website. All of the students and early career members are encouraged to participate the English Presentation Award. All participants in ESJ 61 are also very welcome to join the sessions for the English Presentation Award. Your participation will greatly contribute to the encouragement of English communication in ESJ annual meeting.

Application via E-mail will be open from 27 May to 31 July (17:00 JST). After checking "How to Submit", you can apply through "E-mail Submission". 

We set early deadline for application to the English Presentation Award just because it will take substantial time for the EPA working group to prepare well-arranged programs. 

The title and the outline of presentation can be tentative ones, which will be used only for the reviewing application and arranging the program. After acceptance, there is enough time until the deadline for official registration of oral presentation (you need to determine the title) at November and for the abstract (one or two months before the meeting).

A speaker who is not an ESJ member at the moment of application to the English Presentation Award should be a member for  2014 until the following deadline:
The membership application deadline: Wednesday, October 23, 2013; 17:00 (JST). Please refer to the society website [http://www.esj.ne.jp/esj/e_member.html] for further details.
Payment of membership fee for 2014: Wednesday, October 23, 2013; 17:00 (JST)

Thank you very much for your application and contribution to this award. We have received more than 50 applications from students and young scientists this time. We are happy to inform that the 55 talks have been accepted in ESJ61 English Presentation Award sessions.
Please visit the following website:

EPA Working Group: 
Kazuki TSUJI, Atsushi KUME, Kenji MATSUURA, Tomonori KUME, Kenta TANAKA, Kazumichi FUJII, Sawako MATSUKI, Takeshi MIKI

This website is managed by Takeshi MIKI.
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