2007 API Rank


2007 API Ranks and Explanation

On 5/21/08 the California Department of Education released the 2007 Base API (Base Academic Performance Index) ranks. The API is a score between 200 and 1000 assigned to each school according to students’ performance level on standardized state tests, the STAR and CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam).  El Segundo High School’s results were:

# of Students                                                  2007
Included in                  2007 Base                   Statewide                    2007 Similar
2007 API                    API                             Rank                            Schools Rank

881                              821                              10                                5

10/5:  Is that good?
Awesome!  This means that our API rank put us in the top 10% of all schools in California. (Bravo!  Last year we had a statewide rank of 9.)   However, we are in the middle of the pack of “similar schools”. 

Who are the “similar schools”?
Similar schools are those 100 schools with similar demographic characteristics as determined by 13 criteria:

·         Pupil mobility

·         Pupil ethnicity

·         Pupil socioeconomic status

·         Percentage of teachers who are fully credentialed

·         Percentage of teachers who hold emergency credentials

·         Percentage of pupils who are English learners

·         Average class size per grade level

·         Whether the schools operate multi-track year-round educational programs

·         Grade span enrollments (grades two, six, seven to eight, and nne to eleven)

·         Students in gifted and talented education program

·         Students with disabilities

·         Reclassified fluent-English-proficient (RFEP) students

·         Migrant education students

  A complete list of similar schools is available at the state web site, but a cursory examination indicates that we’re in good company!

But who EXACTLY are our similar schools?
Three other schools also scored an API of 821:  Fountain Valley High in Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo High in Saddleback Valley Unified, and Mills High in San Mateo.

The schools that scored within 5 points below us include: Granada Hills Charter High, Malibu High, South High in Torrance, Aliso Niguel High in Capistrano, Mt. Carmel High and Rancho Bernardo High of Poway Unified in San Diego County, and Evergreen Valley High of East Side Union High District in Santa Clara.

The schools that scored within 5 points above us include:  Beverly Hills High, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, Carmel High of Carmel Unified in Monterey, Granite Bay High in the Roseville Joint Union High District in Placer, Anderson New Technology High in Shasta, and Thousand Oaks High in Ventura. 

Who’s at the VERY top?

The #1 school, Lowell High in San Francisco, with an API of 938, is ranked as the #3 public school is California.  Students must meet special admission requirements which include tests, an essay, and extracurricular activities.  The #2 school, Foothill Technology High (API 904) is a science and technology magnet school in Ventura.  The third-ranking school (API 891) is River Valley Charter in Lakeside near San Diego, a small 7-12 school with fewer than 200 students. 

What about PV and Costa?
It’s no surprise that we’re in the same peer group with Palos Verdes High (API 850) and Palos Verdes Peninsula High (API 871), as well as Mira Costa High (API 855).  If the state thinks of them as our peers, so should we!

How can I find out more?
If you’d like more details, visit the state web site: www.cde.ca.gov   You can go to Highlights and click on Accountability Progress Reporting, or you can use the search function in the top right corner. 

The state disaggregates data by subgroups, but currently our only numerically significant sub-group is Hispanic-Latino.  A school must have 100 students in a sub-group for the state to consider it numerically significant. 

So, do we have anything to worry about?
Definitely!  To keep our ranking, our numerically significant sub-group must meet its growth target.  In 2007 we barely exceeded that target by only ONE point!  Next year, just to stay even, our sub-group must gain FIVE points and move from the sub-group API of 752 to 757.  In addition, our socio-economically deprived subgroup is approaching 100 students, so we need to make sure that we’re providing whatever interventions necessary to support their achievement.

Just give me the bottom line!
  We’re going in the right direction!  Congratulations to all of our students and faculty!  Let’s keep doing what works and fixing what doesn’t:  Whatever It Takes!


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