September 24 2014

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –September 24, 2014




Jaime Mancilla                   Principal

Marcos Bolanos                President/Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat               Teacher

Sarah Davlantis                 Teacher

Gigi Thompson                 Classified /Parent

Patricia Guzman                Classified/Parent

Steve Mazuk                      Parent


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:12M


Minutes from May 14, 2014– Motion to approve by: Guzman, second by Mazuk --- all in favor


Program Reports

1.  ELD Report was presented by Mr. Bolanos (see attached information for details).  ELD Coordinator will be

 present at October meeting.


New Business

1. This year we have 3 student positions open.  Announcements for the election will begin Friday, September 26th. 

Sign-ups will close Friday, October 3rd and new members will be present at meeting on October 15, 2014.

2. Budget totals were presented for the Facilities accounts.  New development in regards to revenue has been implemented starting July 1, 2014.  The district will take 25% off the top of any revenue we have at the beginning of the fiscal year.

3. Discussion was held regarding the need for at least one, if not two assistant coaches for cross country.  There are 104 runners to one coach.  Coach is asking that we fund the stipend of additional coaches, cost could range from $2500---$3200 paid out at the end of the season.  We asked coach to see how many coaches should legally be out there with a group of students that large.



Reports and Conferences

Counselors Pinier, Burns , and Woods were sent to UC Conference in early September to learn of new procedures for our UC bound senior class.



Announcements: none


Meeting adjourned: 1:29PM


Next Meeting: October 15, 2014





Minutes from this meeting have been approved electronically by members.

09/26/14 Motion for approval made by: Mancilla, second by: Hedayat    Approved by all.