September 2013

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame -September 25, 2013





Ali Rabiei

Marcos Bolanos

Gigi Thompson

Patricia Guzman

Sarah Davlantis

Jennifer  Hedayat

Jonathon Thompson

Hunter Gabel

Citlali Arroyo Steve Mazuk


Meeting opened by Ali Rabiei at 1:13PM


 Minutes from March 20, 2013 - Motion to approve by: Sarah Davlantis, second by Ali Rabiei; all in favor Unfinished business:     none

 English Learners: nothing to add


 New Business and Agenda items:

Resignation letter received from Tracy Kadonaga has stepped down from her seat on Site Council due to her part time status.


Citlali will contact Student Alexa Mansour to confirm continued participation on Site Council.  Citlali will also be working on the election of new students with assistance from Hunter Gabel.  There was a motion to post Student Elections in the hallways and on the website and Tweet elections to be held 10/11/13.  Motion was made and second by Patricia Guzman; all in favor.

 Mr. Rabiei led the yearly review of the By-Laws. Motion made Steve Mazuk to accept the By-Laws, second by Hedayat; all in favor.

 The facilities budget balance was presented by Gigi Thompson and an explanation of how that is spent was given.  Members asked for clarification on the protocol for spending the facilities account.

(Expenditures first go tlu·ough the principal, then brought to the Leadership team and then presented to the Site Council)





 Meeting adjourned: 1:27PM Next Meeting: October 16, 2013.