September 2008

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –September 17, 2008





Jayne Pimlott:                   Parent

Jim Garza:                           Principal

Gigi Thompson:                                Classified Employee

Karen Boden:                    Teacher

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat:            Teacher

Theresa Churchill:            Teacher



Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:15PM


Minutes from meeting in May 2008 were accepted.


Unfinished business:      None



Jim Garza explained change in EL Program.  Ms. Cvejic is heading it up after Elina Mosquera stepped down.  Ms. Cvejic is also heading up and teaching the literacy class.   There are approximately 6 students enrolled in the class.


Responsibilities of the ELAC are assumed by the site council. 


Our role is to allocate the funding from revenues and keep the appropriate programs running.


Jim Garza went over the By Laws of the School Site Council and clarified questions made by those who attended for the first time.  He stressed that one main goal is to “develop and approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations”


Membership was discussed and noted that we need one parent and one student elected into office.


It was noted that Public Notice will be given 72 hours prior to all meeting by posting it on the Library door, sending it out in the Eagles Ears.








Jim Garza shared with the council the Student Accountability Report Card found on the ESUSD website found under About Us tab.  The report included excerpts from the Distinguished School Report and the WASC report.   Enrollment at present is where it should be.


Along with showing the Accountability Report Card  a newspaper article showing ESHS scores doing exceptionally well in the CAHSEE exam was circulated and the  API Report pages 1 and 2 were handed out.   There was an 18 point gain and all subjects made the benchmark.  We met our growth target.   Last year 62% of our students met the A-G requirements.


 School Safety plan was discussed.  Bill Erickson and Craig Gast are on that committee this year working with the ESPD which includes Officer Humphrey. 


Karen Boden shared good news from the Math Department.  Algebra 2AB MCR class was accepted as a class to help our seniors who struggle through Algebra 2.  This is to help them be UC prepared.






New Business:

Elections of new council members.  Positions open are: One parent and one student

It will be announced via Constant Contact that two positions on the council are open.

All interested parties will contact Gigi Thompson at the high school and elections will take place at Back to School night on September 24, 2008.  New members will be sworn in at our next meeting on October 29, 2008.


It was discussed that there is a need to have CFG trainers brought in to train staff in preparation for the Walk Through.  It will cost approximately $2500 after the district pays their portion.    A motion was made by Karen Boden that we pursue the training needed to prepare for the Walk Through but not to exceed $4000.   It was second by Tracy Churchill.  All were in favor.



Next Meeting:   October 29, 2008