October 2008

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –October 29, 2008




Windri Barriga                    Parent

Allison Denman                                Parent

Jayne Pimlott:                   Parent

Gigi Thompson:                                Classified Employee

Karen Boden:                    Teacher

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat:            Teacher

Riley Peck                            Student

Colleen Cox                        Student

Jessica Chen                       Student



Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:09PM


Minutes from meeting in September 2008 were accepted.


Unfinished business:      None


Dr. Ray Gen called the meeting to order and introduced our newest student member, Jessica Chen (9th grade).


It was reported that at this time the ELAP chair, Branka Cvejic did not have EL information to share at this time.


Dr. Gen began by introducing and reviewed the WASC Report. -Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Handouts were not passed out but everyone was referred to the high school website.


He explained that there are a total of 5 chapters in the report and they included information regarding what has been done in the last 6 years and what needs to be examined and worked on for the next six years.

                Chapter 1 is Data findings

                Chapter 2 is a summary of Chapter 1.

                Chapter 3 shows what we have done.

                Chapter 4 takes a look at how we are doing and sets us up for chapter 5.

                Chapter 5 discusses what we will be doing in the next 6 years.


Leadership decided that the most honest and effective way to project areas of concern is through detailed information.  Data found in the study is covered in the State of School Report.  The A-G requirements for UC colleges were one area that showed a need for improvement.  Data shows that 40% of our students do not meet the A-G requirements and of those 38% is due to Algebra 2.  With the help of Math chair Karen Boden this past summer the MCR Algebra 2 course was added to the UC approved list.  With this new course it is predicted that we will have a 10% increase in the number of students that meet the A-G requirements.


Karen Boden covered the second half of the meeting and went over the API data charts from chapter 1in which she covered  STAR scores, API, CAHSEE and # of students taking Honors & AP Classes. It was shared that the Latino group is not sufficiently represented in the honors AP classes.  The goal is to have equality and access available in all subgroups


Questions not answered:

How do our scores compare to surrounding schools?  Karen Boden agreed

It was information she would look into.


Will students taking the MRC Algebra 2 class be prepared for college?


Is there going to be a MRC English course?


What is the benefit of having the Business Literacy course UC approved gain us?


It was brought up that the last Parent Survey was done in May 2008 and the plan is tol have another survey taken before the 12 week period.


Next Meeting:   November 19, 2008