October 2013


Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –October 24, 2013




Ali Rabiei                              Interim Principal

Marcos Bolanos                    Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                    Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman                  Classified Employee

Jennifer Hedayat                  Teacher

Jonathon Thompson            Student (11)

Steve Mazuk                        Parent

Alexa Manour                     Student (12)


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:15PM


Minutes from September 23, 2013 – Motion to approve by: Hedayat, second by Guzman ;  all in favor

Unfinished business:      Student Elections were not held due to the by-laws being met with 4 student already on council.


English Learners:  All students have been tested and placed in appropriate classes.  Reports were given to teachers.  All students have passed the CAHSEE.  Bonnie Maye will be invited to attend the next meeting and give a more detailed report.


New Business and Agenda items: 

Mr. Rabiei handed out both the 2012 and 2013 API reports to review and compare. The 2013 API data report is the last one that we will be reviewing due to the cancellation of the STAR test.  STAR testing is being replaced by a different form of assessment that falls in line with the Common Core teaching.  Only testing that will continue are subjects testing for Earth Science and World History.


There was a decrease of test results in the 10th grade English department for 2013.  Leadership is aware of this and will be working on techniques to help those students.


The new assessment will include attendance.  Staff will be monitoring the attendance of all students and working on those students that have unexcused absences.





Meeting adjourned: 1:29PM


Next Meeting: November 20, 2013/cancelled